Savage CBD Reviews, Benefits and Buying Guide 2022

Looking for a CBD oil that will help you feel savage? Look no further than Savage CBD. Their oil is made with the highest quality ingredients and will help to improve your overall health and well-being. Read this Savage CBD review to learn more about this company and its products.

Company Details: Savage CBD

Savage CBD was founded in 2016 by two friends looking for a better way to consume CBD. They wanted to create a brand that would offer the highest quality products and provide excellent customer service.

The company is based in Irvine, California, and offers a wide range of products, including oil tinctures, vape pens, and capsules. They focus on creating high-quality CBD products but are not a burden to the pocket.

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Benefits of Savage CBD

This company can offer different benefits to its customers. These include:

  • A focus on quality and safety
  • An extensive range of products to choose from
  • Excellent customer service
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Offers coupons and discounts
  • Uses CO2 extraction method
  • Company transparency
  • Reasonable prices

Negatives of Savage CBD

There is only one letdown that many customers notice: It does not accept returns, refunds, or exchanges. First-time customers might be cautious in purchasing because of this.

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Where Does Savage CBD Hemp Come from?

The hemp used in Savage CBD products is grown in the United States and non-GMO. It is free from pesticides, herbicides, and other toxins.

Third-Party Lab Testing

Savage CBD products are third-party lab tested for quality and safety. You can view the results of these tests on the company website. Their products are also tested for purity and potency, making sure the products are free from harmful compounds, pesticides, and heavy metals.

Third-party testing is important for any company, as it ensures the quality and safety of the products. Customers can have the assurance that the product they are taking is pure and will provide the expected results.

Who’s Behind the Company? Are They Transparent?

Savage CBD is owned and managed by Chris Wheeler and Matt Winters. They created the company because they aim to provide the best CBD products to their customers. Savage CBD is transparent about who is behind the company and regularly posts updates on their social media platforms.

Customers can be assured that they are buying from a reputable source when a company is transparent about its operations.

Savage CBD Reviews: Which Products Should I Buy?

The company carries different CBD products to meet everyone’s needs. You’ll find CBD tinctures, vape pens, cartridges, edibles, topicals, and vape juices.

1. Savage CBD Tincture

This product is for those who want to consume CBD orally. The tincture comes in a 30 ml bottle and has different potencies to choose from (1000 mg, 1500 mg, and 2000 mg). It contains full-spectrum oil with MCT oil, hemp seed oil, and essential oils.

The tincture is easy to use and can be mixed with food or drink. It also comes with a dropper for easy dispensing. It is one of the company’s most popular products.

2. Savage CBD Vape Pens

These pens are for those who want to consume CBD through vaping. The vape pens come in different flavors (peach, mint, and berry) and have a potency of 200 mg. They use disposable cartridges that are filled with CBD oil.

The vape pens are easy to use and provide quick effects. They are perfect for on-the-go use and come in a sleek design.

3. Savage CBD Edibles

The edibles are for those who want to consume CBD in an easy and yummy way. These gummies make you feel like you are just eating ordinary gummy bear candies — but don’t get carried away. The edibles have 50 mg of CBD per serving.

The edibles are easy to use, provide long-lasting effects, and come in discreet and portable packaging.

4. Savage CBD Topicals

The topicals are for those who want to apply CBD directly to the skin. These products come in the form of lotion, cream, and balm. The different potencies can be used for various purposes (pain relief including nerve pain, anti-inflammatory, and skincare).

The topicals are perfect for those who want to target a specific area with CBD.

5. Savage CBD Vape Juices & Cartridges

These products come in different flavors and potencies to choose from. Each bottle may contain 250 mg, 500 mg, or 1000 mg of CBD. They are perfect for those who want an easy and discreet way of consuming CBD. They are perfect for on-the-go use and come in a sleek design.

Where to Buy Savage CBD Products?

The company’s products can be purchased on its website — this is the best way to order the products. There are retail stores that offer the brand, but it is difficult to check on the availability of the products in it.

The prices from this brand are reasonable enough and can compete with other brands’ prices in the market.

Savage CBD Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about CBD and Savage. If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact the company.

1. What Products Does Savage CBD Offers?

The company offers a wide range of CBD products, including oil tinctures, vape pens, cartridges, edibles, topicals, and vape juices.

2. Can I Return Products from Savage CBD?

The company does not allow returns, refunds, and exchanges, which is a big downside for many customers.

3. How Do I Get In Contact With the Company?

The customer service can be reached through an online form or by email. There is a phone number available for customer service. Customers are pleased with the company’s customer assistance.

4. What is the Best Product for Me?

The best product for a customer depends on their needs and preference. The products are made to suit different CBD needs.

If you want focused pain relief, then you can get products like CBD lotion, cream, and balm. If you want to consume CBD through vaping, then you can get products like vape juices and cartridges. There are also Savage CBD edibles for those who want an easy way to consume CBD. You just need to find the product that is best for you.

5. What’s the Difference Between Hemp & Marijuana? 

Hemp is most often sourced from the Cannabis sativa plant, which contains only trace amounts of THC. Marijuana is most often sourced from the Cannabis indica plant, which tends to have far more THC than CBD.

The main difference between the two is the amount of THC. Marijuana has a higher concentration, while hemp tends to have very little or no THC.

6. Is CBD Legal Where I Live?

The legal status of CBD depends on where you live. Most countries legally allow CBD to be bought and sold, but it is still not available everywhere.

In the United States, CBD products are only legal if they’re derived from hemp and contain less than 0.3% THC.

Marijuana-derived CBD is still illegal unless you live in a state that has legalized marijuana.

7. What Are the Side Effects of CBD?

There are very few side effects associated with CBD. Most people don’t experience any side effects when taking CBD in standard doses. This isn’t the case with marijuana-derived CBD that has high THC — these can cause unpleasant side effects when consumed in large quantities.

The most common side effects are digestive issues such as upset stomach, diarrhea, and bloating. CBD has also been known to affect the liver, but this isn’t a common side effect, and it usually goes away after a short period.

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8. Will CBD Make Me High?

No, taking CBD in the normal amounts will not make you high. The THC in marijuana-derived CBD can produce psychoactive effects, but this isn’t the case with hemp-derived CBD.

Conclusion: Savage CBD Review

Savage CBD is a company that prides itself on the quality of its products. All of their CBD products are tested for their purity and potency, along with compounds, pesticides, and heavy metals. This ensures that the customer is getting a safe and effective product.

The company is transparent about its products and offers a wide range of CBD products to choose from. The prices are reasonable, and the customer service is excellent. Savage CBD is definitely a company worth trying out.


Is Possible to Get an Allergic Reaction to CBD Oil?

CBD allergy is rare but can still happen to anyone who uses CBD. There are several different signs to look for when you think that CBD oil is causing your body a negative reaction. If you are looking for a natural remedy to help with your allergies or asthma, CBD oil might be the answer. However, if you have an allergic reaction to CBD oil, it can cause some very unpleasant symptoms and may require medical attention. This blog post will cover what those symptoms look like and how they should be treated.

What Are the Signs You Are Having Allergic Reaction to CBD Oil?

There are numerous signs that you can be aware of if you think your body is having an allergic reaction to CBD oil. These include:

  • Hives (rash) on the skin;
  • Swelling of lips, face, tongue, and throat; or
  • Breathing problems such as wheezing and shortness of breath.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, CBD oil is likely the cause, and medical attention should be sought immediately.

A CBD allergy can happen when your body’s immune system misidentifies CBD oil as a harmful substance. This causes the production of antibodies to fight off the foreign material, which can cause some unpleasant symptoms in your body when you are exposed to it again. The allergies can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks while your body adjusts.

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How to Differentiate Side Effects to Allergic Reaction to CBD Oil?

It can be difficult to differentiate the side effects of CBD oil from an allergic reaction. The symptoms are similar, but the treatment is different.

Adverse reactions of CBD oil normally subside on their own within a few days or weeks, depending upon how much you were using and your body chemistry. If they do not go away after this period, it might indicate that you are having an allergic reaction to CBD oil. Negative effects of CBD may include:

  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Fatigue and drowsiness; or
  • Reduced appetite.

Allergic reactions will need medical attention and treatment with antihistamines or steroids so your body can naturally fight off the foreign material causing this response in your system without making things worse. It is best to stop using CBD until after you have seen a doctor, but it may take several weeks for the symptoms to clear up.

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What Should I Do if I’m Having an Allergic Reaction to CBD Oil?

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, stop using CBD immediately and seek medical attention. The sooner you get help, the better chance you have at treating it quickly and effectively before the symptoms get too bad.

It is important to let your doctor know what you have been exposed to when it happened and how much of it so they can properly treat the allergic reaction before things get worse. Your body needs time to adjust after having started CBD oil, which means that any side effects should decrease within a few days or weeks, depending upon how much you were using and what your body chemistry is like.

The best way to help avoid the chance of having a negative reaction when taking CBD is by starting slowly with low doses and only gradually working up until you find the sweet spot for treatment. If you are already having problems with CBD oil and see these symptoms, stop using it immediately and seek medical attention.

Ways to Get Proper Diagnosis of CBD Allergy

If you have been using CBD oil and are experiencing some of the symptoms listed above, it might indicate that your body is having a negative reaction to this natural treatment. The first step should be to stop taking CBD right away, so you do not make things worse for yourself by continuing to expose your system to an allergen when its immune system is already working overtime to try and fight off this foreign material.

Once you have stopped using CBD oil, it is time to see your doctor about getting an allergy test done so they can determine if there are any substances in the CBD that may be causing a negative reaction within your body. This will help them decide on which course of treatment would work best for them.

  • Visit your doctor immediately if you experience any symptoms of CBD allergy;
  • Tell your doctor about all the products you have been using, including CBD oil and other medications or supplements, so they can properly diagnose an allergic reaction to CBD oil. If possible, bring along a sample bottle of what you are currently taking for reference; and
  • If you are feeling any of the following symptoms, stop the use of CBD oil immediately and seek abrupt medical attention: hives, difficulty breathing, swelling in your face, lips, or tongue.

In Conclusion

CBD oil is a safe alternative treatment that millions of people around the world use to combat pain from several different causes as well as other conditions like inflammation, arthritis, and epilepsy. Unfortunately, like any other medication out there, CBD does come with the risk of having a sensitive reaction to one or more of its components which may trigger side effects that can vary from mild discomfort to life-threatening emergencies.

You should be on the lookout for potential unusual reactions after taking CBD oil.


How to Flavor CBD Oil and Make It Taste Better?

CBD has many benefits, but what’s more is that it can be flavored. If you are one of the many people who do not like the natural taste of CBD oil, then it is time to learn more about how to flavor CBD oil. Better tasting CBD oil will make it more pleasant to take, allowing the benefits to take effect right away.

What is the Natural Taste of CBD Oil?

CBD has a naturally earthy, woody taste that many people do not enjoy. This is due to the raw hemp used in its production, and it can be quite off-putting for those who are not fans of the natural flavor. For some, it appears to be peppery or smoky in taste. Not all enjoy these tastes from CBD oil. Flavoring your CBD oil may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Should CBD Oil Be Taken Orally?

CBD oil can be taken orally or sublingually. It is up to you which way you would like to take your CBD, but the effects will vary based on how it’s consumed. Oral ingestion of CBD has a slower onset than sublingual absorption and lasts much longer as well. This allows for more gradual benefits throughout the day.

More people prefer taking CBD oil orally as it gives them a sense of control over how much they intake. Sublingual ingestion gives you less say in the matter and can be difficult to gauge dosage correctly.

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How to Make CBD Oil Taste Better?

Making CBD oil taste better is simple and easy. You do not need too many ingredients or complicated preparation. Flavoring your CBD oil will help you get a better-tasting CBD that you can take any time needed. You do not have to settle with its natural bland taste anymore. There are ways you can do it before or after taking CBD oil so it will be more palatable.

Ways to Flavor CBD Oil That You Can Do

There are many different ways to flavor CBD oil, and they all provide their benefits. Flavoring your CBD is an easy way to make it taste better while at the same time reaping its therapeutic effects.

  1. Mix CBD Oil with Food/Drinks

Before you take your oil orally, it is recommended to mix the desired amount of CBD into food or drinks. This can be anything from adding it to coffee and teas to juices and smoothies. You do not have to settle for just one option as this will likely give you different effects than taking it orally straight.

This is the most common way to flavor your CBD oil, and it can be done before or after taking it orally for this purpose. You are less likely to get stomach issues with this method as long as you take the right amounts of both substances.

  1. Add CBD Oil to Edibles

Adding CBD oil to your favorite foods is an easy way to spice things up without having to add extra ingredients. This can be done with most recipes, but you do have to make sure the recipe calls for it before adding in more oils or fats. Adding too much of either substance can cause issues when trying to absorb the CBD oil. This is a great way to flavor your CBD, and you can do it in just about any food or drink that you want!

  1. Chew Minty Gum

Chewing minty gum or eating something sweet after taking CBD oil has been shown to increase the bioavailability of its cannabinoids. Chewing on some peppermint-flavored gum will help clear your mouth and make it easier for you to take in more CBD oil through sublingual absorption.

  1. Eat Sugary Foods

Eating sugary foods after taking CBD oil has been shown to increase the bioavailability of its cannabinoids. This is due in part to how sweet flavors have been found to cause a release of insulin that improves oral absorption and allows for more cannabinoids to be taken up by cells throughout your body.

  1. Add Essential Oils

Adding essential oils to CBD oil can transform it into a whole new product. You can make flavored extracts or mix and match with your favorite flavors for the perfect mixture. This is also incredibly easy as you do not need any special equipment as an e-cigarette would require.

  1. Put Your Favorite Flavor Under Your Tongue

Putting your favorite flavor under your tongue is a great way to make CBD oil much more palatable. You can place flavored oils or extracts underneath for the best effect without having to swallow anything extra special. This method works well and will get you an incredibly tasty treat that is also therapeutic!

  1. Try Vcaps

Cannabis caps are a convenient and easy way to take CBD oil. This is because how they have been formulated for precise dosage while eliminating the need for flavoring or other additives that may alter its effects.

  1. Take High-Quality CBD Oil

Taking high-quality CBD oil is the first step to getting the best flavor from it. For this to happen, you need pure and natural ingredients that have been transported quickly without being exposed to heat or light throughout your journey.


There are many different ways to flavor your CBD oil. Each of them can be done before or after taking it orally, so you never have to settle for the taste again! Flavoring your CBD is an easy way to make it much more palatable and improve its therapeutic effects at the same time.

CBD oil’s natural taste may be a bit off for many. But if you just put a little twist on it, you will get the most flavorful CBD oil you can have. Knowing how to flavor CBD oil is truly an advantage.


Can You Use Oral CBD Oil Topically?

Can you use oral CBD oil topically? This is a common question among CBD users. There are a lot of misconceptions about topical use. Many people think that CBD oil is an intake-only product, but this isn’t the case. There are oral and transdermal applications for both humans and animals – so why not topically? This article explores whether oral CBD oil can be used topically and what exactly it does to skin cells when it’s used internally.

Understanding Topical CBD

Topical CBD oil is a fast-acting, powerful solution that penetrates the skin to deliver beneficial effects. It can treat a variety of conditions, including arthritis and muscle pain, inflammation in joints or muscles, chronic pain, dermatitis symptoms like dryness, itchiness or rashes on different parts of your body, and even skin conditions like acne.

Topical CBD oil can be used to moisturize dry or irritated skin, relieve pain caused by sore muscles and joints, treat inflammation on the body – especially for those who have arthritis – reduce redness from sunburn, get rid of rashes, eczema symptoms such as itching and irritation, and even skin conditions like acne.

Topical CBD oil can be beneficial for those who suffer from psoriasis and other inflammatory diseases, as it offers a natural way to reduce inflammation and pain associated with these disorders. It is also believed that topically applied CBD oil may help protect the cells of our body against damage by acting as an antioxidant because it can penetrate the skin and help to strengthen cell membranes.

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How is Topical CBD Used?

The best way to use topical CBD oil is by applying it directly onto the skin. The form of application can vary depending on what you need relief for. If your joints are hurting, apply a few drops under and around them after bathing or showering when your skin will be most receptive to the supplement’s effects. Topical CBD oils often come in the form of gels, salves, and creams. You can also try adding it to your bath or shower gel for a relaxing experience that works wonders on arthritic pain.

Understanding Oral CBD Oil

Oral CBD is taken by mouth. It is available in many forms, such as capsules, syrups, and tinctures. Oral CBD oil works to reduce symptoms related to a variety of conditions, including arthritis, chronic nerve pain, depression, diabetes, epilepsy, seizures, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis MS symptoms, nausea, and vomiting.

Oral CBD oil is great for helping with seizures. Some studies have found that oral CBD may be more effective at treating treatment-resistant forms of epilepsy than certain medications used to treat the condition. However, it’s important to note that not all patients will respond to CBD, so it’s important to consult your doctor before trying this treatment.

Oral CBD oil has also been shown to be effective at treating certain mental health disorders, including anxiety and depression, as well as insomnia. It can help with stress management by reducing the effects of chronic stress, which is thought to be mainly due to its anti-inflammatory effect.

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How is Oral CBD Used?

Oral CBD oil is taken by mouth, either as a food supplement or in pill form. It’s recommended that you take the oral CBD oil with some kind of fruit juice to mask any unpleasant flavors before swallowing it. This way, you can avoid having an upset stomach and even hiccups if cannabidiol has a bad taste. It’s always best to start with a small dose of CBD oil and then move on if the flavor isn’t too bad.

Oral CBD oils are available in many forms, including capsules, syrups, tinctures, liquids infused into foods like gummies or honey sticks (which dissolve slowly over time), flavored lozenges, and sublingual drops. It’s also possible to find CBD in the form of a cream or ointment, but these products may be used less frequently because they are not as effective at penetrating the skin for effect.

CBD is often taken orally with other substances such as oil, which makes it harder to determine how much CBD you are getting into the system. CBD oil is especially difficult as it can have different effects based on how your body metabolizes it. This means that if you take oral CBD with another herbal supplement, for example, this may affect how much of each product gets absorbed by the body and contributes to its overall effectiveness.

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Is Oral CBD Good for the Skin?

There are oral CBD products that can be used topically. These are the products that you can use on your skin. These products are usually applied directly to the skin once or twice daily. You can apply topical CBD oil just before your shower and then rinse it off after leaving it on for a short time.

Make sure that the oral CBD product that you will use on your skin allows topical use as well. Some CBD products are better for topical use, but they may not be safe to ingest. Caution will always be important when you decide to use CBD oil.

Read the label to make sure that you are using the product correctly according to its usage. Or best, you can consult the doctor to ensure that the right results will be achieved. The doctor can also suggest possible CBD products that can be used topically.

To Wrap It Up

CBD is one of the most versatile supplements on the market. It can be used to treat a wide variety of health issues, from anxiety and depression to seizures and insomnia. Aside from this, CBD can either be used orally or topically. CBD oil is one of the most common forms, but it’s also possible to find CBD in many other products.

When CBD oil is used correctly, whether orally or topically, the effects that you want to get will be achieved easily, and the benefits will be gained.


Using CBD Oil for Hair Loss and Growth: Is It Effective?

Experiencing hair loss is the most common problem in men and women. Hair loss is caused by many factors like stress, poor diet, smoking, pollution, etc. These days, many people use CBD oil for hair loss treatment because it is an all-natural way to help combat the issue. By taking the right amount of CBD oil, you can keep your head healthy and strong while also preventing any further damage. This article will discuss how exactly you should take CBD oil to get the best results possible.

CBD Oil and Hair Loss Treatment

CBD oil is a natural solution that many people use to combat hair loss. You can take CBD capsules, or you can also choose to use the purest form of hemp oil right out of the bottle for your treatment. The best thing about using this product is that it does not have any side effects whatsoever, so there’s nothing to worry about. You can use CBD products for up to three months without any problems. However, you must take the right dosage of hemp oil to get the best results possible.

What Benefits Can You Get from CBD for Hair Loss?

If you are experiencing hair loss, there’s no need to worry because CBD products might be exactly what you’re looking for. There are many benefits associated with using this product, and some of them include:

  • Fight against toxins that can lead to a healthier head
  • Aids in the removal of dead skin cells from your scalp
  • It’s an all-natural way to fight hair loss
  • CBD products can be used for up to three months before you need a refill.

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CBD Oil: A Better Understanding of the Product

For those who might not know, CBD oil is a natural solution that has been used for quite some time to help people deal with certain conditions like arthritis and pain management. It’s also known as cannabidiol which is derived from hemp plants. Hemp can be found in many different products such as shampoos, lotions, soaps, and even cooking oil.

Using CBD oil can give a lot of benefits, especially in managing different symptoms associated with medical conditions. And this includes hair loss.

CBD vs. Hemp Seed Oil: Your Pick

Hemp seed oil is very similar to CBD oil in that they both originate from hemp plants. However, there are some differences between the two solutions that you should know about before deciding which one might be best for you. These include:

  • Hemp Seed Oil has a higher concentration of omega-fatty acids, whereas CBD does not contain any fats
  • CBD is more expensive than hemp seed oil
  • Hemp Seed Oil has a nutty flavor, whereas CBD does not have any flavors added to it.

These should help decide which product to use for your hair loss treatment.

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Best CBD Products for Hair Loss

If you are looking for the best CBD products to take to combat your hair loss, here’s a list of some items that might work well for you:

  • CBD Oil: This can be taken orally, or you can also apply it directly to your head if the label allows
  • CBD Shampoo: This is a great alternative for people who are not comfortable taking oral supplements. You can find these shampoos at many health food stores which sell hemp products.
  • CBD Oil Spray: If you have ever used pepper spray before, then you’ll know that the spray is very powerful. This product uses a similar formula that can help keep your head healthy and maintain proper blood flow.
  • CBD Capsules: These are great for people who have busy schedules because they do not require any daily treatments like other products might

These are only some of the many CBD items that you can find on the market today. Do your homework and see which one might work best for you as everyone has different needs.

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Dry Hair and Scalp: Use CBD Oil for Hair Loss Treatment

When you experience dry hair and scalp, the use of CBD oil is highly recommended. This is because it can help with the removal of dead skin cells, manage toxins that promote healthier hair growth, and give your head a deep conditioning treatment to keep it hydrated all day long.

Hair Regrowth: Using CBD Oil for Hair Loss

If you want to achieve hair growth, using CBD will be the most effective way to go about it. This is because CBD oil can help you get rid of dead skin cells, boost blood circulation, which will promote healthier hair regrowth, and give your head a deep conditioning treatment that will make your locks look shiny and beautiful all day long.

Tips on Buying CBD for Hair Los

when you shop for CBD for hair loss, there are a few tips that can help to make the process go more smoothly. These include:

  • Look at the concentration level of your product Some products have much higher concentrations than others, meaning they will be stronger and require smaller doses over time
  • Find out what carrier oils were used Different carriers oils will have different effects on your hair. For example, grapeseed oil is best if you want to maintain a healthy scalp.
  • Research, the company that manufactures the product. If they are not transparent about their ingredients or offer poor customer service, then it’s probably not worth buying from them in the first place.

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CBD Oil and Hair Loss: Summary

Using CBD oil for hair loss treatment is highly recommended by many people. You can decide to take it in orally or apply it directly to your head if the label allows you to. It will help with dryness and scalp problems and also promote healthier hair growth when used consistently over time. And this should help make the process go more smoothly.


Garden of Life Review 2022 – Are Their CBD Products Good?

CBD is one of those things that a lot of people are talking about but don’t understand. If you’re like most people, you have questions about what CBD is, how it works, and what kind of benefits it can offer. This Garden of Life CBD review aims to clear up some of the confusion and answer some of your questions. Keep reading to learn more.

Key Points

Garden of Life CBD has a lot to offer to its customers. But also, it has a few setbacks. The customers need to know these so they can assess whether this is the brand for them or not.


  • Some contain full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Well-known brand
  • Contains organic ingredients
  • Free shipping for $25 orders and up
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Many positive reviews


  • Low potencies
  • Limited variety

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Information and Details About the Company

Hemp Source

Garden of Life CBD uses US-grown hemp, and all of its products are manufactured in the United States. The company utilizes the CO2 extraction method to get the best extract possible.

Testing & Quality Control

Garden of Life CBD undergoes extensive third-party testing and has a strict quality control system. Products go through many tests before shipping out to customers, ensuring they get what they pay for. Thorough testing helps assess how potent each CBD product is and whether it contains pesticides, heavy metals, or any other contaminants.

Company Information

This company has great customer service and offers different ways for customers to reach the company. They have different phone numbers to call, but to make the process easier, their website has an online inquiry form where the customers just fill it out and hit send.

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Product Reviews

1. CBD Soft Gels

These soft gels are formulated with the purest CBD oil and contain all-natural ingredients. They can be taken with food or drink, are easy to swallow, tasteless, and odorless. Most people notice they have more energy when taking these soft gels. Each capsule contains 15 mg CBD, and you can choose from different variants depending on your condition or health concerns since they have Sleep, Inflammation Response, Focus, and Relax variants.

With regular use, users can feel a significant reduction in their anxiety and stress levels and become more relaxed.

2. CBD Whole Hemp Extract Gummies

These gummies are made with full-spectrum CBD, contain no gluten or dairy, and are non-GMO. They also don’t have any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. The gummies taste great, and you can take them any time without worrying about an aftertaste. Each bottle contains 60 gummies, and each gummy contains 10 mg CBD. This is the most convenient way to get your daily dose of CBD oil because you don’t have to swallow capsules or oil drops. This product is useful in reducing pain, anxiety, stress, and many other ailments.

3. CBD Whole Hemp Extract Liquid Drops

This oil extract was derived from the whole hemp plant to ensure that you get all the benefits of CBD. It also contains terpenes, which help increase the bioavailability of CBD. Liquid drops are perfect for people who don’t like taking capsules or vaping. This product comes in three strengths: 10 mg, 30 mg, and 50 mg CBD.

It comes in a 30ml bottle with a dropper cap for easy measurement. The best part about this product is that you can use it for various purposes. You can apply it directly to your skin, put it under your tongue, or mix it into your food or drink. They make use of eco-friendly packaging and ensure its safety even if you mistakenly take the wrong dosage.

4. CBD Intensive Recovery Lotion

The CBD Intensive Recovery Lotion can be used to relieve muscle and joint soreness. This product is perfect for people who play sports, work out at the gym, or lift weights regularly. You can also apply this balm when you have a minor injury from falling or from playing too hard.

This lotion is made with cold-pressed hemp seed oil and is fortified with essential nutrients. It can be used by both men and women and comes in an easy-squeeze bottle with 800 mg CBD.

5. CBD Cooling Rescue Cream

This CBD cream contains all-natural ingredients and 200 mg CBD. It is used to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. This cream is the perfect product for people suffering from arthritis, headaches, migraines, backaches, and so on.

You can use it to massage your neck and shoulders when you feel a migraine beginning or on your legs when you suffer from cramps. The active ingredients of this cream also help speed up the healing process of wounds. The cooling effects help soothe your aches and reduce nervous tension.

6. CBD Pet Liquid Drops

This is another CBD oil extract that is made to be safe for your pets. It is flavored with natural hemp seed oil and sweeteners, giving it a pleasant taste. This product works the same way as the Liquid Drops for humans, but it comes in peanut butter flavor.

It can be used by both dogs and cats to treat pain, inflammation, anxiety, seizures, nausea, and many other health concerns. CBD Pet Liquid Drops are safe to be used by adult pets. It does not contain THC, so you can be sure that your furry friends will not be high after consuming it. It comes in a 30ml bottle, which can last for months.

Brand Review

Rating: 8 / 10

Garden of Life CBD has a good reputation —their products are proven safe to use and provide much-needed results. The prices are affordable, making them even better for people who don’t have much to spend on CBD products. However, customers don’t have much to choose from when it comes to their product lineup. Also, most products have low potencies, which might not work for people who need the effects of CBD the most.

Best Place to Buy Garden of Life CBD Products

It’s best to buy Garden of Life CBD products from their official website to ensure that you get genuine products. You’ll also get to use any special offers, discounts, and coupon codes on some of their most popular items. If you want to find a local store, try checking their website. This way, you can see the product first if a store nearby carries their products.

Does Garden of Life CBD Offer Free Shipping?

Garden of Life CBD offers free shipping on all US orders above $25. They also offer discounts and coupon codes which may entitle you to a gift or lower prices for existing products.

CBD Legal FAQs

1. How Safe is CBD?

CBD has been used for many years to treat various diseases and conditions. The World Health Organization (WHO) has reviewed the safety of CBD and found that it is not likely to cause dependency or abuse. Also, you can safely use CBD without worrying about putting your life at risk or becoming addicted.

2. How Do I Know if CBD is Legal?

The US federal law permits the use of hemp products that contain up to 0.3% THC. It is always a good idea to purchase from trustworthy manufacturers who are open about their manufacturing process and ingredients used.

3. How Do I Know if a Company is Selling Real CBD?

You can ask for third-party lab results to ensure that what you are purchasing is safe and high-quality. These tests are from an unbiased source and are the only way you know what’s in the oil.

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4. How Do I Find the Best CBD Products?

Look into customer testimonials, reviews, and labels on products before purchasing. You should also check the company’s website and its manufacturing and testing process.

5. Can I Travel With CBD?

You can travel with CBD, but it is best to check local laws and regulations regarding products containing THC. This will help you avoid legal troubles while abroad.

6. How Much CBD Should I Take?

The dose of CBD can vary from person to person. It is recommended that you start at a low dose and gradually increase the dosage until you notice its effects. It is also better if you first consult your physician about the right dose for you. CBD can interact with some medications.

Conclusion: Should You Buy from Garden of Life CBD?

Garden of Life CBD has its fair share of good and bad reviews. While they offer great deals, you need to consider whether or not their product lineup will suit your specific needs. Many online CBD retailers sell quality products with more CBD. However, if you want to order from the company itself, you can check out their official website for deals and discounts.


CBD Plus USA Reviews, Benefits, and Buying Guide 2022

When it comes to CBD oil, there are a lot of choices on the market. CBD Plus USA is one company that creates premium-grade CBD products. But do its products stand out among the competition?

In this review, let’s check out what makes this brand unique and whether its products are worth your money. Keep reading to find out.

Review Summary

Rating: 9 / 10

CBD Plus USA is a health products company that specializes in CBD oil. It also offers high-quality CBD tinctures, capsules, and topicals that can be used to help treat or manage various health problems. These include chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, arthritis, among others. The company uses organic ingredients for its products which makes them safe to use. Customer satisfaction is also a priority for CBD Plus. This is proven by the positive reviews that the brand has been getting.

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Featured Product: Broad-Spectrum Vape Cartridges

This tincture can help boost your overall wellbeing without causing mind-altering effects that come with high-THC vape oils. It’s packed with pain-killing and anti-inflammatory compounds that can help manage pain and inflammation. Those who are dealing with arthritis, headaches, and other related health issues can make use of this.

Each cartridge is available in 1g and contains CBD and CBG combined. The combination of the two can help with pain relief even more effectively. This product is available in the following flavors:

  • Banana Kush
  • Wedding Cake
  • Tropicana Cookies
  • Blue Dream
  • Super Sour Diesel
  • Gelato

Other Products Offered by CBD Plus USA

Aside from the vape cartridges, CBD users are given a whole lot more products to enjoy. These are:

1. Isolate Tincture

This CBD product is also available in different flavors. It’s made from pure CBD and contains no THC and other cannabinoids. The isolate tincture is available in a 30 mL bottle. You can choose from strengths 500mg, 1000mg, or 2500mg CBD. These options are great for those who prefer high-concentration CBD products.

This product is available in flavors:

  • All-natural
  • Peppermint
  • Berry

You can use it to help manage your pain or any health problem you might have. The isolate provides a good source of CBD for everyday use. This can be used by itself or combined with other CBD products for more effective relief. The CBD Plus USA tincture can also help promote relaxation and reduce stress in patients with PTSD by stimulating the neurotransmitters in the brain.

2. Full-Spectrum Hot Cream

This CBD cream is made from organic ingredients. It’s specially formulated for those who are experiencing pain or discomfort in their muscles, joints, and other parts of the body. CBD Plus USA offers this product in a 1.5 oz or 5 oz bottle. You can choose from two potencies — 1500mg and 5000mg CBD — perfect for users who need stronger pain relief.

Another benefit of the cream is that it’s easy to use. You can apply it to your skin and massage for several minutes until absorbed. The CBD in this product will penetrate the surface of your skin, making it more effective in dealing with localized pain. If you’re looking for a topical option, you might want to give the CBD Plus USA hot cream a shot.

3. CBD Isolate Gummies

These Gummies are made from organic ingredients. They’re also free from artificial flavors, preservatives, and gluten. They’re vegan-friendly as well, so those who have dietary restrictions will not have a problem with this product.

The gummies offer a good amount of CBD for everyday use. You can take them daily or whenever you need that little extra help in managing your health.

CBD Plus USA Gummies come in a pack of 10 gummies. Each serving size contains about 25mg CBD so you can split them up as needed.

They are available in flavors:

  • Watermelon
  • Strawberry
  • Blue Raspberry

4. Full-Spectrum Nighttime CBD Gummies

Nighttime CBD gummies can help you relax and improve your sleep. Getting a good night’s rest is important in maintaining one’s health. Sleep also helps with the restoration and healing of the body. This means you’ll get to recover from pain faster. If your day typically starts after a sleepless night, then taking these gummies at least an hour or an hour and a half before going to sleep can help you feel relaxed and rested in no time.

A package of these contains 10 nighttime gummies. Each serving has around 30mg CBD, so the pack is good for several servings over several days. Like the daytime gummies, they’re free from artificial flavors, preservatives, and gluten. They are also vegan-friendly, so even those with dietary restrictions will have no problems using this product.

5. CBD Dog Treats

This product is made from organic ingredients and is free from preservatives, additives, soy, yeast, gluten, corn, or animal products. CBD Plus USA makes dog treats that are tasty and healthy for your pets to enjoy. If you’re looking for a good way to improve your pets’ health without giving them any harmful chemicals like pesticides or artificial flavors, you might want to give CBD Plus USA CBD dog treats a shot.

You can choose from different flavor options:

  • Sweet potato
  • Blueberry
  • Pumpkin spice and cinnamon

Each dog treat has 5mg of CBD isolate. This is enough to support your pet’s overall health and help provide occasional relief. Best of all, these treats taste good, and your pet will surely love munching on them and still get the CBD they need for their health and wellness.

What Does CBD Plus USA Do Well?

CBD Plus USA offers CBD products that are all-natural and organic. They’re made without additives or preservatives to ensure that you get the purest CBD extracted from hemp plants. The company focuses on providing high-quality products, so users can enjoy the benefits of this non-psychoactive cannabinoid.

Aside from its full-spectrum CBD tinctures, CBD Plus USA also offers other products to help you enjoy the benefits of CBD every day. Its wide variety of products is a big plus as customers do not need to find another brand to purchase products from. It is like a one-stop-shop of CBD products for the convenience of its customers.

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What Can CBD Plus USA Improve On?

If there’s one thing that can be improved on by the brand, it would be its returns policy. You can return products only if they are damaged. Otherwise, the company generally doesn’t accept refunds as well as returns.

CBD Plus USA offers affordable products, but considering that you can’t get your money back, this might be a problem for some buyers.

Does CBD Plus USA Offer Free Shipping?

Unfortunately, there’s no free shipping offer, but shipping is fast, so you can get your order within just a few days after placing it. However, the company provides affordable prices for its products, so buying from them is worth it.

Are CBD Plus USA’s Products Third-Party Tested?

CBD Plus USA has its products go through third-party testing. The full spectrum tinctures are all lab-tested to ensure they do not contain pesticides, herbicides, or any toxic chemical. This way, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting only the best product. You can be sure that its products are of high quality and checked for safety. Lab test results are available on its website for interested customers.

Are There Any Discounts Available for CBD Plus USA?

Currently, CBD Plus USA does not offer any discounts or promo codes. You can always visit its website for any updates on promotions.

Prices & Where to Buy

The company website is the main store to buy these CBD products from. This is also where you can get more information about the product before buying them.

Some online retailers also carry the brand’s CBD products, but to be safe, you can always place an order directly to the company.

You can also find its products in many physical stores and dispensaries. To help find the nearest store to you, you can use the website’s store locator.

CBD Plus USA: Should You Buy It?

CBD Plus USA has a wide selection of CBD products that you’ll surely enjoy using. It offers some of the purest and most potent CBD extracts on the market, so you can be sure that your money will not go to waste. The company focuses on providing organic and all-natural products so they’re free from preservatives, additives, or harmful chemicals.

There’s not much to complain about CBD Plus USA, but there are some areas where it can improve — mainly by adding more flexibility when it comes to returns, refunds, and discounts.

Overall, the company is a good choice for people who want an organic option for CBD products. It also offers some of the best prices, so users can get their money’s worth. The reputation and positive reviews this brand has can speak for the kind of company it is.

Check them out today and see what it has to offer.


A Guide to Growing High CBD Strains

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound that has been getting more and more attention in the cannabis industry. Studies have shown that CBD can help alleviate pain, stress, anxiety, and other conditions without any adverse side effects of THC. With so many benefits to its use, people are looking for ways to grow high CBD strains to get all the health benefits they need. If you are one of these people who are interested in increasing your high-CBD strain but don’t know how to start, this article will be perfect for you! We’ll discuss what affects the final content of CBD during growth processes and provide some easy steps on how to grow your potent high-CBD strain.

How to Grow a High CBD Strain

Before we start, it’s essential to keep in mind that CBD content is not the same for all strains. Some strains can have high levels of THC and only trace amounts of CBD! As a result, it is tough to make any generalizations about how much CBD you can expect from any given strain. However, there are some things you need to do during your growth process if you want to maximize your chances of growing a high-CBD strain with low THC. Keep these factors in mind when growing weed:

The Strain You are Growing

Selecting the right strain is by far the most crucial step you can take to ensure that your weed is high in CBD. To do this, you need to start researching what strains have a known CBD content. Once you find these strains, make sure they are actually stable before growing them for use! If possible, it’s best to work with clones instead of growing from seed, as they will be more resistant to stressors and less likely to change their composition during growth due to environmental factors.

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Understanding The Endocannabinoid System

This system is one of the most underrated systems in our bodies! It’s responsible for balancing all kinds of processes, including mood, pain sensitivity, immune function, energy storage & release, metabolism, and even sexual function! When growing weed, it’s essential to keep this system in mind because cannabinoids from the plant can help support it. THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids can help keep this system functioning properly. This is important to keep in mind when growing weed because it means your plant will be most effective if you feed it nutrients conducive to this system’s health!

Growing Your Plant Indoors vs. Outdoors

One final factor that influences how much CBD you can expect from your plant is where you grow it! Outdoor plants tend to have a higher content of THC during growth as they are pollinated by bees. Bees generally visit flowers with a high content of THC more regularly, which results in cannabis plants receiving more pollen from those types of flowers. If possible, try to find a spot indoors where your plant can receive as little exposure as possible outside! Once flowering starts, there is generally little room for improvement since the CBD concentration during this time is mostly stabilized.

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Growing A High-CBD Strain

After learning about what factors influence whether or not your plant will be high in CBD, it’s finally time to learn how to grow a high-CBD strain! This process is much more straightforward than you may think. All you need to do is select the correct strain and consider the various factors that determine how much CBD your plant can produce. If you follow all of these steps, there’s no reason why your plant shouldn’t turn out high-quality & potent!

Here are some easy steps on how to grow a high-CBD strain:

1.) Use Proper Cannabis Nutrients

The first step to growing a high-CBD plant is using proper nutrients. If you don’t use the correct type of nutrients, your plant may not be able to produce enough cannabinoids during its life cycle to make it worth the effort! To avoid this, start by getting some cannabis nutrients designed for building up CBD content. The specific nutrient line you choose should have all the necessary minerals and compounds your plant needs to thrive while maintaining a healthy endocannabinoid system.

2.) Control Stress During Flowering Stage

The second step to help you grow a high-CBD strain in controlling stress levels during the flowering stage. This means shielding your plant from allergens as much as possible. Make sure to give it filtered or AC-only air during the flowering stage to keep pollen and other allergens away! But don’t restrict your plant entirely; make sure there’s plenty of fresh air flowing around it.

3.) Don’t Harvest Too Early Or Too Late

The final step that will ensure you grow a high-CBD strain is harvesting too early or too late. The best time to gather your plant is when it’s half-developed (or slightly earlier). This gives you the right balance of THC & CBD concentration in your plants to maximize their potency while giving you an adequate yield, so it doesn’t feel like wasted effort! If possible, try not to harvest at all until you see trichomes starting to turn amber. At this point, you should be able to get a decent amount of CBD from your plant.

Is the CBD Content Affected by the Growing Process?

The answer is both yes and no. As we mentioned earlier in this article, THC & CBD do become less concentrated as your cannabis plant starts flowering during its life cycle. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that these cannabinoid concentrations are established before any significant amount of flower develops. Once your plant starts bearing flowers (i.e., buds), the concentration levels stabilize and further increase or decrease depending on how well you take care of the endocannabinoid system!

Best 3 High CBD Strains: Our Top Picks

Here are some of the most potent and best CBD strains we could find:

1. AC-DC

With its 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD, this strain is one that even beginners can handle without much problem. It also grows like an Indica should (i.e., short). You can expect medium-sized buds that are light green and pine-scented.

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2. Harlequin

This famous Sativa strain has a high content of CBD and minimal THC, making it ideal for those who want to relax and not get high as a kite. This plant grows like an uplifting Sativa (i.e., tall) and produces beautiful, large buds that are just as delicious as they are potent.

3. Sour Tsunami

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This hybrid strain has a high content of CBD and only produces a moderate amount of THC. The best thing about this unique plant is its ability to grow very large without producing too much shade. Its buds are dense, chunky, and long like an indicator (i.e., short) should.

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By and large,

With so many options, it can be challenging to know where to start. We hope this article has helped inform you about the different ways of producing a high CBD plant and what is considered best for beginners. If any questions need answering, please feel free to contact us! Let’s talk in the comments below about your favorite strain. What will you grow?


Grease Monkey Weed Strain Information

About the Grease Monkey Kush

Grease Monkey Kush is a hybrid of 2 popular Sativa strains, OG Kush and Durban Poison. It has the strong smell and flavor of Sweet & Sour Widow with hints of pine and lemon zest. The effects are uplifting and energetic at first; however, as the high builds, it turns more into relaxation and euphoria. This is a very potent marijuana strain that people should use sparingly until they know how it affects them.

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Fragrance & Flavor Profile

Grease Monkey Kush is a Sativa dominant strain. The smell and flavor profile of this strain is what you would expect from the Indica/Sativa ratio: earthy, spicy, with subtle hints of citrus. I find that it absorbs more of the polarities of its parents than it displays itself, so while there are some OG Kush notes, such as a pine/dirt scent that comes through during combustion or vaporization, most people will enjoy Grease Monkey Kush for its unique fragrance and taste. Where Durban Poison is sweet-smelling with a strong berry aftertaste, Grease Monkey Kush is a little more savory and spicy. It’s still an excellent tasting smoke, though!

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Grease Monkey Kush is an aesthetically pleasing bud. The large, dense calyxes that hold the pistils are a beautiful purple hue. The pistils themselves are orange-colored and bushy, which stands out against the greenery of the bud itself. Grease Monkey has some frosting, but for the most part, it’s clear enough to see right through to the small leaves of the plant’s interior.

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THC & CBD Content

Testers over at conducted some testing on Grease Monkey Kush and found that it has an average THC content of 17%, with some samples even reaching up to 24%.

This intense high is more than enough for most smokers, but novice users should still proceed with caution. Other tests showed CBD levels as high as 0.26%, which will help to counter the intense psychoactive effects if you’re planning on smoking this strain for medicinal purposes.

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Onset & Duration

While the high THC content means that Grease Monkey will quickly take effect, it also means that you’ll probably want to smoke this strain in a social setting as it’s not going to wear off anytime soon. When consumed orally, expect a much longer duration of effect and increased psychoactive effects. You can expect up to 3 hours of relief from one dose, so if you’re using Grease Monkey Kush for medical reasons, make sure to have something on hand to work through the day!

Grease Monkey Effects On User

Medical Benefits of Grease Monkey Kush

Grease Monkey Kush was made for relaxation and stress relief. This strain is especially beneficial to those suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, and even some chronic physical pains. The high CBD content of the strain means that it will help with inflammation and pain relief without producing any psychoactive effects or “stoning.”

Beginners should be careful when trying Grease Monkey Kush at first– especially if they’re sensitive to Sativa strains. Relaxation and euphoria can quickly turn into discomfort if you’re not properly prepared for the effects of this hard-hitting weed variety!

Caution and Side Effects

You may feel slightly paranoid or dizzy when smoking this strain for the first time, but both are mild side effects that are common. If you find your symptoms are more severe than usual, discontinue use immediately and do not consume any more until you’ve discussed it with a medical professional. Like all cannabinoids, CBD can also cause some unexplainable reactions in users if they have an allergy or sensitivity to the compound. Consult your doctor before trying any new medicines!

Grease Monkey Consumption Method

This strain is often smoked despite the obvious benefits of vaporization and ingestion. If you’re not a fan of inhaling smoke, I recommend trying out some vaping or edibles to get the most from your medicine. Vaporizing Grease Monkey Kush produces an earthy, woodsy flavor with hints of citrus and spice– so delicious! The effects are similar to smoking but without the negative risks associated with inhaled burnt plant matter.

Edibles such as brownies or gummies can be made using cannabis oil; however, we strongly advise against cooking CBD into any other foods unless you know exactly what you’re doing. Despite its low risk, ingesting too much CBD can cause adverse effects for first-time novices. You may find that the psychoactive effects of Grease Monkey will last much longer than expected if you take it orally. I suggest consuming small doses throughout your day to regulate your intake and avoid any unpleasant surprises!

Grease Monkey Kush Recommended Dosage

Like all cannabinoids, the dosage can vary drastically depending on your tolerance and need. I recommend trying out around 1-2 grams of Grease Monkey Kush (depending on quality) per person in order to find the ideal dose for you. Beginners may want to start lower with just a few milligrams in order to avoid any unpleasant or unexpected side effects!

Grease Monkey Strain: Grow Info

Growing Grease Monkey Kush is incredibly easy– but you’ll want to make sure it’s under some sort of controlled environment. If you’re growing indoors, I suggest using an 80/20 mix of soil and potting soil with added perlite for aeration. Ensure that your root zone isn’t too moist or dry by checking the moisture levels every day or so. You can water Grease Monkey just once a week on average, but this will vary depending on lighting, climate, etc.!

Make sure to leave at least 18 hours of lighting during the flowering period in order to encourage resin production if possible! If you notice any mold or mildew forming on your buds, switch over to 12/12 lighting until the problem clears up before exposing your plants to longer hours.

As for Grease Monkey Kush flowering time, 50 days is the recommended amount of time to let your plant set in order to induce optimal bud production. Keep in mind that this strain grows much faster than most and may take up to ten days less than other varieties! Harvesting should happen when you notice that 80% of your trichomes have turned cloudy or amber– look closely at the buds when deciding when to cut down your plant.

Grease Monkey grows very bushy and can easily be top-rooted if you decide not to add any supports for its branches. This means it will grow much larger than expected indoors unless you’ve allowed enough height in advance! You’ll need a decent amount of space.

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Conclusion: Grease Monkey Kush Cannabis Review

If you’ve tried Grease Monkey Kush, let us know what your experience was like. We would love to hear about the type of strain and if it had any effects on you! Did this marijuana high make you feel energetic or relaxed? Let us know in the comments below.


Purple Afghani Strain Review

The Purple Afghani Kush Marijuana Strain is a cannabis strain that has been bred by the legends at Emerald Triangle Seeds. The genetics of this marijuana strain consists of an Indica dominant hybrid with Afghan and Hindu Kush parentage. This potent bud is as purple as its name would suggest and will leave you feeling like royalty. Its heavy body high can be best appreciated after a long day or during those moments when you’re looking to relax and forget about your worries for a while.

Purple Afghani Kush: What You Need to Know

Strain Parents/Origin

Purple Afghani Kush Marijuana Strain originated from Emerald Triangle Seeds. It is the result of Afghani and Hindu Kush cross-breeding. This means that it can be classified as an Indica dominant hybrid.

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Aroma and Appearance

Purple Afghani Kush is dusted with purple leaves and covered in fine white crystal resin. Its leaves are so purple that they appear black, while the buds of this strain are purple and green in color. It has a pungent sweet aroma that is similar to berries, grapes, or candy with an earthy tone.

This purple marijuana strain is one of the most unique-looking buds around today. The purpling starts at the plant’s stem and slowly creeps up to its purple-colored nugs. These purple buds are hairs-covered, dense little flowers created by the strain’s purple Afghani Kush genetics. And it doesn’t stop there -this potent purple weed is hugged in shimmering white crystals, which emit a powerful scent in the air when squished between your fingers. It has an earthy, spicy smell that is tinged with notes of berry sweetness.

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Taste and Flavor

It tastes slightly sweet and pungent. There is a spicy, almost peppery aftertaste. Purple Afghani Kush is smooth smoke that coats the palate with a sweet purple taste.

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Purple Afghani Marijuana Strain Effects on Users

Purple Afghani Kush’s effects can be described as purple, purple, or purple. They have a very purple color, similar to the plant’s genetics. Its euphoric mood is characterized by a sense of elation and energy that will last you throughout your day. This marijuana strain creates a purple haze in users’ heads, which usually results in a feeling of extreme happiness and relaxation, making it perfect for those moments when you finally want to kick back at home after a long hard day.

It also leaves users with increased focus and creativity, which makes it easier to get things done around the house or even complete difficult tasks at work. This purple weed strain will keep you going until everything has been completed.

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THC Content

The THC content in the purple afghani kush marijuana strain is between 16-22% on average. This purple bud’s high THC levels are what make this purple weed so special. The high begins with a feeling of cerebral euphoria as purple Afghani Kush cannabis affects users instantly feel happy and uplifted. The purple haze starts behind your eyes and creeps up until it takes over the whole brain, causing an instant state of relaxation that will leave you stress-free for hours to come. You’ll also notice how social this purple marijuana strain makes you feel, which may result in constantly talking about everything and nothing at all.


The onset of the high from this purple bud will occur in a few minutes up to an hour which is pretty fast for most purple strains.


The effects generally last around 3 hours on average.

Does the Purple Afghani Have Medicinal Benefits?

In addition to the purple marijuana strain’s purple Afghani effects, purple weed is also useful for relieving stress and anxiety, diminishing depression, and eliminating insomnia. Purple Afghani Kush is a purple solution for those who need help sleeping after a long day of work or studying. It allows users to drift off into a purple haze that leaves them feeling relaxed and calm the next morning despite lack of sleep. Apart from purple Afghani Kush’s purple euphoria-inducing effects, purple buds are also used as pain relief, especially when dealing with arthritis, inflammation, and migraines. In addition, purple buds can be taken as an anti-nausea medication.

Adverse Effects of the Purple Afghani Strain

The purple Afghani Kush’s negative effects are mild and also include dry mouth and eyes, along with headaches that can be easily remedied by staying hydrated and getting enough sleep. Its purple Afghani Kush high is said to make users giggly at times which may cause them to lose focus while performing tasks anytime during the day or even take part in conversations distractedly.

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How to Consume Purple Afghani Kush?

This strain can be consumed in a myriad of ways, including but not limited to: smoking in either hand-rolled joints or in blunts, vaporizing the buds, and ingesting orally when mixed into edibles.

Growing Purple Afghani Kush 

Growing, Processing Time, and Yield

Purple Afghani Kush weed plants are typically ready for harvest in 8-9 weeks when grown indoors, whereas they take between 10 to 11 weeks when they’re grown outdoors. This purple strain’s yield depends on where its growing conditions, but it can be expected to give up to 1/2 pound (0.28 ounces) per indoor plant or even more outdoor plants, according to user reports. Purple Afghani Kush marijuana strain is normally easier to grow than other types of gorilla glue seeds which makes it perfect for beginners who want to try their hand at growing cannabis for the first time.


Purple Afghani Kush is a fantastic strain that can be enjoyed in many different ways. If you want to find out more about this marijuana, let us know! We are here for all your cannabis needs, and we’ll gladly answer any questions you have. What type of weed do you like the most?