LA Kush Cake Strain Review

With an earthy, spicy flavor and a robust high 18-25% levels of THC and 0.1% CBD, this is one of the most popular strains on the market today. This plant grows up to 6 feet tall with long leaves. The buds are compact and dense, making them perfect for vaporizing or smoking in joints or blunts.

This marijuana strain originated in LA, California. The strength of this strain is awe-inspiring, with a THC content that ranges from 25 to 30 percent. Newcomers should be careful about the amount they consume because it has a lot of THC. The origin of the strain is not well-known, but it does not detract from its popularity or pleasure as a medical and recreational cannabis plant. The flavor and effects of LA Kush are similar to the original OG Kush; however, it provides a more uplifting and tasty sensation on the tongue.

LA Kush has a spicy flavor and an earthy aroma. This strain of cannabis is best suited to afternoon or evening use. Buds are typically large and bulky, with subtle shades of green and strands of fiery orange hairs. Some phenotypes inherent more sour or lemon flavors than others, which can be attributed to their heritage

This marijuana strain is great for daytime use due to its uplifting qualities while also being able to help you focus on tasks at hand because of its cerebral effects. If you’re looking for some good strains with these characteristics, then LA Kush is the one for you!

Get to Know LA Kush Strain

LA Kush marijuana is an Indica-dominant strain that’s most popular in LA. It has many similarities to LA Confidential marijuana but is generally more hard-hitting. The strain is a crossbreed of LA Confidential with Afghani Indica, which gives it a rich earthy flavor.

The strain has won the High Times Cannabis Cup 5 times in various categories, including top Indica and best outdoor plants.

The THC level of LA Kush marijuana typically ranges from 15% to 22%. It has a good amount of CBD and CBN as well. As far as the aroma and flavor profile, it has a sweet citrus smell with hints of pine and pepper.

LA Kush marijuana also has a similar flavor profile to LA Confidential, with spicy and savory earthy tones and woody pine flavor notes. It is one of those strains that customers seem to either love or hate.

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This marijuana strain has a robust woody pine smell with hints of pepper. It emits a predominantly pungent aroma with sour and spicy undertones that gives it an earthy exhale. This marijuana strain has a distinct smell that can be hard to pinpoint because of its skunky overtones, but the scent is generally one most people find pleasant.

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LA Kush marijuana is a beautiful bud, with small dense nugs and bright orange pistils. It has large calyxes, which give it an aesthetically appealing look and aid in bag appeal. The cannabis plant has dark green leaves and is topped with vibrant red hairs and trichomes. It can also have some purple hues that make it even more appealing.


LA Kush marijuana has a distinct flavor profile. It gives off spicy and pungent earthy tones with woody pine undertones, which make it a flavorful smoke. LA Kush marijuana is similar to LA Confidential in its taste, although it is typically more intense and harder-hitting than LA Confidential every time you smoke it.

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LA Kush Grow Information

Cultivating the plant is effortless. They grow tall indoors; outdoors, they can get very tall. When growing, the plants are covered in amber/orange hairs and have deep green leaves with rich dark veins.

It is easy to grow for both indoor growers and outdoor growers who live in temperate climates. The marijuana plants flower for 8-10 weeks. It is a good-yielding plant and produces very sticky, milky, resinous buds.

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THC and CBD Content

On the highest test, LA Kush has between 15% to 22% THC and .6% to 1.1% CBD levels.

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Therapeutic Benefits of Smoking the Substance

LA Kush marijuana strain is a hybrid that has been bred to deliver a more balanced high. It is perfect for any cannabis user who suffers from depression, chronic or severe depression, or tension.

This marijuana strain can put a person into a calm nature, and it’s also great for relieving aches and pains in the body. LA Kush is suitable for anyone who smokes weed daily, and they can use it at whatever time of day.

LA Kush has medicinal qualities such as being an effective sedative, relieving anxiety and stress, and provides relief from joint pain and muscle soreness.

Adverse Effects of Smoking the Substance

LA Kush is a strain that does not make a person feel overly sedated. If one goes for this type of marijuana strain, they will most likely experience dry eyes and a dry mouth. It might make a person feel less motivated. It may also cause paranoia or dizziness in extreme circumstances, though most users do not have these side effects when using this marijuana product.

The strain’s adverse side effects are minimal, and most people can smoke LA Kush without any issues.


LA Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a distinct taste profile inspired by its birthplace. It has somewhat of an unknown past, but this doesn’t influence its likeability or enjoyability as both a medical and recreational strain.

LA Kush is ideal for anyone who enjoys smoking weed, and it delivers the perfect balance between mind and body effects. It has a high THC content with CBD levels that are not too low, making it an excellent medical strain. This marijuana strain has a number of different flavors but remains mostly spicy to pungent with earthy tones and woody pine.

The strain’s name comes from the fact that it was created in Los Angeles, California. If you’re looking for something potent yet uplifting to help balance your mood during the day, then look no further than this delicious gem!

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