Using CBD for Gout Treatment: Does It Work?

Gout is a difficult condition to have because it affects the joints. When you have gout, there is a buildup of uric acid in the blood, and this causes crystals to form around one or more joints. These crystals cause irritation which leads to pain, swelling, and redness; this will happen throughout an attack but can be very severe at times.

When you have gout, it can be difficult to find the right treatment. There are many different treatments available for this condition, but not all of them work effectively. You might think that using CBD oil is an old wives’ tale because it’s a natural remedy, but some studies show how effective this product can be in treating your symptoms. This post will share some information about CBD oil for gout, and it could help you get relief from the pain.

Can CBD Oil Treat Gout Symptoms?

CBD oil can help in treating gout symptoms by reducing the pain and inflammation that come with this condition. This is because CBD oil contains cannabidiol which has anti-inflammatory properties; it also works at reducing your body’s immune response to gout, which helps reduce some of the symptoms associated with this condition.

CBD oil works at relieving pain including nerve and muscle pains because it contains omega-three fatty acids, vitamins E & C, and beta carotene. If you are interested in finding out how CBD can help with your gout symptoms, this post will provide more information about the effectiveness of using CBD to relieve these symptoms.

Knowing the Causes of Gout

Understanding the causes of gout can help you find a natural and safe treatment for this condition. The main cause of gout is your body’s inability to remove uric acid, which can lead to it building up in your blood; when there is too much uric acid present in your bloodstream, this could cause crystals to form around one or more joints.

This condition can be caused by eating certain foods, which is why it’s important to know what you should avoid if you want to reduce the effects of gout. Foods like red meat and seafood are known for causing this problem because they contain high levels of purines; your body breaks down purines and uric acid, but if you have too much of this acid in your blood, it can cause gout.

Health Benefits You can Get from CBD Oil for Gout

CBD oil has many health benefits, which is why it’s becoming a popular remedy for people who want to treat their gout symptoms. One of the main reasons that CBD can help you reduce your pain and inflammation from this condition is because it works at reducing body response; when you have gout, your immune system triggers certain chemicals in an attempt to fight against the condition, which can cause inflammation and pain.

CBD oil works at calming this immune response; it also increases blood flow to the area that is affected by gout, which helps reduce some of your symptoms as well. If you want to find out how CBD may be able to help with your gout, this post will provide more information about the effectiveness of using CBD to treat this condition.

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How Safe is CBD Oil for Gout?

CBD oil is naturally safe because it is made from a plant, which means it’s a good option for treating your gout symptoms without the need to take prescription medication. CBD oil has been used by many people who have tried other remedies unsuccessfully; this product does not make you feel drowsy after using it, and there are no side effects associated with its use.

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CBD Products to Include in Gout Treatment

CBD oil is the most popular product that you can use for treating your gout symptoms; it contains natural ingredients and works at reducing inflammation, pain, and discomfort associated with this condition. There are several other CBD products to choose from, like capsules, tinctures, topicals, edibles, and vape.

In choosing the CBD product to use, make sure that you pick the product that you will be comfortable using.


You can use CBD oil for gout by simply adding a few drops to your current medication; you can also use this product by placing it under the tongue. When using CBD oil for treating gout, make sure that you use 100% pure oil which contains no additives or preservatives so that there is no need to worry about side effects.

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CBD Topical

lIf you want to use a topical for your gout pain, CBD topical is the product that you should choose. This is an ointment with natural ingredients that can be used on joints or other areas of discomfort without making you feel drowsy when using it.

You can apply this product as many times per day as you need to; this is recommended for people who want immediate relief from the discomfort caused by gout.

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CBD vs. Pharmaceutical Medications: Which is More Effective?

Many people who have tried CBD for gout are happy with the results that they get from using this product, which is why it’s becoming a popular choice among people who want to reduce their discomfort. When compared to pharmaceutical medications, CBD oil can be an effective treatment for severe pain and inflammation; like prescription medication, you will need to make sure that you take the right dosage to avoid negative effects.

There are no side effects associated with CBD oil, which makes it a safe option for treating your gout symptoms; when compared to other drugs used for this condition, CBD has fewer risks and is more effective at reducing pain and inflammation.

Proper Doses of CBD Oil for Gout

When using CBD oil, make sure that you take the right dosage to get effective results. You should start by taking a small dose of this product to determine your response; when used correctly, CBD can help reduce inflammation and pain within minutes.

You can also ask your doctor about the best dosage to take; make sure that you adjust your dosage as needed since this product can work at different levels depending on how much CBD is in each dose.

Alternatives to Use in Gout Treatment

There are alternatives to using CBD oil for your gout symptoms; you can take other types of natural supplements that contain CBD extracts. Or you can also use essential oils such as lemon oil, eucalyptus, or peppermint; these oils are known for relieving gout symptoms like swelling and pain quickly.

How to Avoid Getting Gout

If you want to avoid getting gout, make sure that you eat a balanced diet; this means avoiding junk foods, sugars, and processed foods. You should also drink enough water each day to keep your kidneys working properly; if they are not healthy or do not function well, it can lead to excess uric acid building up in the body.

Exercise is another important factor in preventing gout; join a fitness club and make sure that you use the machines correctly to get the most benefits from your workout sessions. You can also try yoga or pilates for low-impact workouts that will help strengthen your muscles while relaxing them at the same time.

CBD Oil for Gout: Final Thoughts

If you are looking for natural treatment options for gout, CBD oil may be an effective option that will not cause any side effects, making it a safe choice. There are several CBD products that you can try for your gout symptoms, including topical creams and oils, which may provide immediate relief.

If you want your CBD oil for gout to work, make sure that you take the right dose; you can also ask your doctor about the best dosage to take. Make sure that you avoid getting gout to prevent this condition from occurring; if it does, CBD oil may be an effective option for reducing pain and inflammation.


Can You Take CBD and Zoloft Together?

Many people struggle with mental illnesses, and when their symptoms are too severe, they may need medical intervention. People often turn to antidepressants when they are experiencing depression, anxiety, or other mental health concerns.

Zoloft is a popular prescription antidepressant, but it has been used to treat other mental health conditions.

A growing body of research indicates that cannabidiol, or CBD oil, may be an effective treatment for mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Understanding CBD and Mental Health

The Basics

Cannabis is a flowering plant that produces both marijuana and hemp. Both types of cannabis have cannabinoids, which are psychoactive compounds found in the Cannabis sativa L. species (marijuana). Cannabinoids interact with receptors throughout your brain and body to influence various functions such as pain sensation, mood regulation, appetite, and memory.

CBD is a cannabinoid that offers many benefits without the psychoactive effects of THC, which means it won’t get you high. Unlike cannabis Sativa L., hemp contains only trace amounts of cannabinoids – less than .03 percent by volume as U.S laws require. CBD oil can be derived from either marijuana or hemp, but when derived from marijuana or cannabis, Sativa L. contains much higher levels of THC and CBD than when derived from the stalks and seeds of hemp.

CBD oil is available in dispensaries throughout Colorado, where medical marijuana can be purchased legally to treat all manner of conditions, including anxiety, depression, chronic pain including fibromyalgia, seizures & epilepsy, PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder), and more.

Scientists are still learning about how CBD works, but studies have shown that it positively impacts various brain functions, including mood regulation, pain sensation, and memory.

CBD oil may be beneficial for mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression because CBD interacts with receptors in your endocannabinoid system (ECS), responsible for homeostasis within the body.

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Understanding Zoloft and Mental Health

The Basics

Zoloft is a common prescription antidepressant used to treat anxiety, depression, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder), and other mental health conditions. Zoloft is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) that works by increasing levels of serotonin. Serotonin, also known as the “happy hormone,” allows for healthy moods and thinking processes.

Zoloft can be used to treat these mental health conditions alone or in combination with talk therapy such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). It’s important to note that Zoloft should only be used when necessary, as the side effects may outweigh any potential benefits.

Differences in Effectiveness

Zoloft has been studied extensively, particularly when treating depression—and its efficacy is well-documented.

It works by increasing the amount of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood, appetite and sleep, among other things. When serotonin levels are low, it can lead to symptoms of depression.

CBD oil has also been studied extensively in recent years for its medical benefits—but much less when it comes specifically to treating mental health conditions like anxiety or depression.

However, the evidence so far suggests CBD oil may be helpful for people with these conditions.

The science of utilizing CBD to treat mental health concerns is still very young. Still, anecdotal reports suggest it may benefit those who are currently taking Zoloft or other SSRIs.

While both CBD and Zoloft work by increasing serotonin levels, CBD is not nearly as potent in comparison.

The fact that Zoloft works by increasing serotonin levels may be part of the reason why it has been studied more extensively than CBD. Serotonin plays a crucial role in mood regulation – which means scientists are better able to learn how SSRIs like Zoloft affect overall brain function.

Can CBD Be Taken With Zoloft?

The short answer is yes, CBD oil can be taken with Zoloft. The long answer is that the two will work in slightly different ways to produce their desired effects, but they should still complement each other well.

CBD may not provide quite as potent relief of anxiety or depression symptoms while taking it alone – however, if you take both CBD and Zoloft together, you may be able to reduce your dosage of the former.

This can lead to potentially greater benefits than taking either one alone – but again, more research is needed before any conclusive statements about this combination are made!

Don’t forget that CBD oil should not be taken with other medications unless approved by a doctor.

Can CBD Take Over the Role of Zoloft as an Antidepressant?

It’s best to consult a doctor before trying CBD oil as an antidepressant replacement for Zoloft.

People have been known to stop taking their medication when they feel better, then the symptoms return, and they resume treatment—it can become a cycle that worsens mental health conditions over time!

Zoloft isn’t just meant to improve mood—it has been proven to work in treating other conditions, such as anxiety and OCD.

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that CBD oil can help treat mental health disorders – but more research is needed before any conclusive statements about its potential effectiveness or safety!

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The Bottom Line

Zoloft may provide the best results in symptom relief, but CBD oil may be helpful in conjunction with it.

Zoloft is well-documented for treating depression and anxiety – there are even studies have shown its effectiveness in treating other conditions like OCD.

On the other hand, while much research has been done on how effective CBD oil can be when combined with Zoloft – there is still much more research before it can be used as a replacement medication.

Have you tried CBD oil or Zoloft to treat your mental illness? What was the experience like for you, and would you recommend it? Let us know in the comments!


The Best CBD Oils for Fibromyalgia in 2022 Reviewed

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain disorder that can cause debilitating discomfort. It’s not uncommon for patients to experience fatigue, headaches, and depression from the condition as well. For those who are looking for an alternative treatment option to traditional methods of managing their fibromyalgia symptoms, CBD oil may be just what they need! We’ve compiled a list of 5 different CBD oils that we recommend if you’re suffering from this condition.

Fibromyalgia Info

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain syndrome that affects 2-5% of the global population. Those who suffer from this condition experience widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and debilitating symptoms like headaches, which can make it difficult to carry out daily tasks.

Often triggered by an injury or trauma to the muscles or nerve tissue, fibromyalgia causes severe discomfort throughout the body. However, because the exact cause has yet to be discovered, patients are often met with skepticism when they seek treatment for their symptoms. Due to this lack of understanding in regards to fibromyalgia’s onset and development, it’s important that those who are struggling visit a medical professional to ensure their symptoms aren’t being caused by something more serious than a chronic pain syndrome.

What Are the Possible Symptoms of Fibromyalgia?

The symptoms of fibromyalgia typically develop gradually and worsen over time. Many patients experience:

  • Persistent muscle pain, tightness, and stiffness throughout the body
  • Disruptions in sleep patterns due to chronic pain or fatigue
  • Depression and mood changes
  • Cognitive dysfunction (problems with memory and concentration)

Because many of these symptoms mirror those associated with other conditions like depression and anxiety, it can be difficult for physicians to accurately diagnose their patients. If you suspect that you might have fibromyalgia, visit a specialist who can work with you to determine what’s triggering your symptoms. Don’t settle for anything less than an accurate diagnosis!

What Therapeutic Options Are There for Fibromyalgia Patients?

The most common treatment methods for fibromyalgia fall into four main categories: pain management, medication, cognitive and behavioral therapies, and complementary medicine.

Pain Management: The goal of these therapies is to reduce the sensitivity to pain by using various tools like nerve blocks or electric stimulus therapy. Many patients also receive drug prescriptions that can help them manage their symptoms like depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Medication: These options address physical issues such as inflammation and spasms. They may also target emotional issues like depression or anxiety in order to improve a patient’s quality of life despite their discomfort.

Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies: Mind-body programs focus on teaching patients how to better manage their pain through relaxation techniques, pacing exercises, and guided imagery.

Complementary Medicine: This type of treatment helps reduce the pain associated with fibromyalgia by using alternative methods like acupuncture, massage therapy, mindfulness meditation, mind-body therapies, biofeedback therapy, etc.

The Top 5 Best CBD Oil Brands

We know that it isn’t always easy to find the best CBD oil on the market, especially with all the different brands and claims about each product, so we have created this list to help you with your decision.

1. Royal CBD

Royal CBD is one of the few companies that publish their third-party lab testing for each product on its website. They stand firmly behind their products and customers with a 30-day money-back guarantee! If you’re looking for high-quality, standard-strength CBD oil, then this might be an option to look into! Their oils are made with certified organic hemp grown in Colorado and are extracted using a supercritical CO2 method, ensuring quality without using harsh solvents. They also have the highest concentration levels available, making their oils some of the best for treating pain and other chronic conditions such as seizures and epilepsy.


  • Great website design with easy navigation
  • Clear lab results for each product on the website
  • Certified organic hemp is used in all products
  • Third-party lab testing is available
  • Good customer reviews
  • Outstanding customer service


  • They are more expensive than some other brands on this list

2. Gold Bee

About their CBD Oil:

Gold CBD is known for producing some of the highest quality CBD oils on the market. Their products are sourced from organically-grown hemp in Denmark and manufactured in China with strict GMP guidelines, ensuring that there is no contamination with heavy metals, pesticides, or chemicals. Gold CBD not only has exceptional tinctures but also manufactures topicals like body creams! If you’re looking for a trusted company, then Gold Bee might be the one to go with.


  • Organic hemp is used in all of their products
  • Extracted using CO2 and ethanol processes
  • Third-party lab testing available for all products
  • An extensive product line that includes CBD oil, creams, and more
  • Solid customer reviews on their site
  • Trusted company with decades of experience in the industry


  • Priced slightly higher than some other brands

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3. TruNature

This oil is derived from domestically-grown hemp plants and meets all state and federal regulations. It’s free of GMOs, solvents, preservatives, and additives, making it safe to consume and effective at treating symptoms like chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD, etc. TruNature CBD has been third-party tested, which assures customers that each product is high in CBD content with no traces of THC (the psychoactive component). If you prefer an oral syringe over a dropper, then this might be the product for you!


  • Great prices (especially if you subscribe)
  • High-quality oil made from domestically grown hemp plants
  • Lab reports are available for each product on their website
  • Third-party testing ensures quality and accurate results every time
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • The company doesn’t offer much information about its products online or through materials like brochures or blog posts. This can be frustrating for customers looking to learn more about what they’re buying.

4. Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD offers high-quality products that meet all of your needs at an affordable price, which is why it’s one of our top recommendations. Their line of tinctures, oral sprays, topicals, and capsules offer customers a chance to explore the broad range of benefits offered by CBD while enjoying an array of natural fruit-flavored options. Each Diamond CBD product is infused with premium quality ingredients that are all third-party tested for consistency, safety, and effectiveness.


  • Great prices for high-quality products
  • Many flavors to choose from include orange cream, strawberry lemonade, grape, green apple, etc.
  • The taste isn’t overwhelming or unpleasant compared to other brands on this list.
  • Lab reports are available for each product on their website, so you know exactly what’s in your oil.


  • Shipping can be expensive

5. Endoca

This oil is derived from organically grown hemp and has a full-spectrum CBD content of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes, as well as flavonoids and other trace elements found in the plant’s stalks and seeds. Its high concentration means it’s great for those who need fast relief (it takes only 20 minutes for the effects to show), but you’ll only find this oil available in one size bottle (10ml) that could run out unless you purchase multiple bottles at a time. After purchasing your first bottle of Endoca, you can upgrade to a larger size or add other CBD products like topicals and capsules.


  • Great price for the effects and fast-acting oil
  • Organic hemp is used in all products, and third-party lab testing ensures quality and accurate results every time
  • High-quality ingredients that are all FDA approved, including natural fruit extracts, coconut oil, etc.


  • Only one size bottle is available (10ml), which might not be enough for some people.

How Can CBD Oil Help Fibromyalgia Patients?

Because chronic pain is one of the main symptoms that fibromyalgia patients experience on a regular basis, it makes sense that many are turning to CBD to alleviate their discomfort. This cannabinoid compound works to improve your health without the need for synthetic chemicals. However, while results vary from person to person, there have been some promising findings in regards to CBD’s effectiveness.

One of the most compelling studies on this topic was conducted by a group of scientists from Shenzhen University in China. They grew a special strain of fibromyalgia-friendly mice and treated them with CBD oil for up to six months. The results? A staggering 30% reduction in the rodents’ pain levels! In addition, there were no side effects reported from these tests, which makes it an excellent alternative to prescription drugs that have been linked to serious health risks like cancer and liver damage. Scientists explain that the reason why CBD is effective at treating chronic pain is that it targets endocannabinoid receptors in our brain and nervous system, which produce reactions like appetite, mood, and memory when activated by cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

While this research is still new, it provides compelling evidence that CBD has pain-relieving qualities beyond those experienced by patients who only use the extract to treat their depression or anxiety! Keep in mind, however, that it can take months before you begin to feel these effects. While a growing number of fibromyalgia patients are becoming aware of its benefits, there still isn’t enough clinical data to determine whether CBD oil will work for everyone with the condition.

What Exactly Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of over 60 compounds found in cannabis that belong to a class of ingredients called cannabinoids. Unlike its infamous cousin, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD is completely non-psychoactive. Studies have shown it offers many health benefits without the ‘high’ or dangerous side effects.

Lately, there has been an explosion of interest in CBD, with reports emerging almost daily on cannabidiol’s wide variety of therapeutic and medicinal uses.

Recent studies suggest that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that may make it useful for treating various conditions like chronic pain, cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety disorder, acne vulgaris, and even serious neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease! The type of CBD Oil Fibromyalgia patients are most likely to benefit from is one that contains significant amounts of Cannabidiol along with other cannabinoids.

Does CBD Oil Have Any Side Effects?

There are many different formulations of CBD available on the market today. All of them have side effects, but some people believe that if you take an appropriate dosage, it is very unlikely you will experience any negative consequences of taking CBD oil for fibromyalgia. However, the commonly reported side-effects of this oil include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Low blood pressure
  • Lightheadedness
  • Drowsiness.

Also, some patients have reported that CBD has precipitated a small amount of weight gain even though they are taking it for its appetite suppression effects. If you are taking any medications or if you have any existing medical conditions, it is always advisable to check with your doctor before starting to take CBD oil.

Consumption Method 

Many patients take CBD oil orally, but you can also use this substance topically. For instance, the cannabinoid’s anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent remedy for acne treatments!

CBD may also be ingested as a food additive or taken by vaping. There are even special tinctures that you can place under your tongue to quickly receive cannabidiol’s medicinal benefits with minimum irritation.

Recommended CBD Oil Dosage for Fibromyalgia

One of the most common dosage recommendations by doctors and researchers is to start with a low dose and only increase the amount you use as needed. The recommended dosage for fibromyalgia patients is thought to be 2.5 – 25mg per day, but it is best to begin at a much lower rate, such as 1 mg two times per day. Ingesting CBD oil through food or drink will likely have a stronger effect, so consider doing this any time you take your medication. If the pain hasn’t improved after three days, try increasing your intake by one additional increment until you find relief from your discomfort, the side effects are manageable and tolerable.

What to Look Out for When Buying CBD Oil?

Many companies are selling CBD oil products online today. However, make sure you do your research before picking a product! As with any dietary supplement, not all oils are created equal. Some manufacturers use cheap ingredients that do not offer the same therapeutic benefits as premium-grade ones.

It is important to remember that the FDA does not regulate CBD products in the same way it does prescription medications or OTC supplements like vitamins and minerals. The agency does not verify their quality before the sale, thus making it possible for certain oils to contain dangerous chemicals like propylene glycol, mineral oil, or synthetic THC, among others. If you are in doubt about the source of your CBD products, it is recommended that you avoid buying them online to make sure you get what you pay for.

Another thing to look out for is the percentage (quantity) of CBD found in any given product. The problem with many OTC supplements marketed for pain relief is that they often contain minuscule amounts of CBD, making them virtually ineffective when it comes to treating fibromyalgia symptoms like chronic pain.

There are some reputable manufacturers, however, who pride themselves on using pure CBD distilled from organic hemp plants and other ingredients like coconut oil to ensure optimal potency and effectiveness without potentially harmful additives, which can be hazardous to your health if ingested in high dosages.

Here are some of the things to look out for when you are shopping for CBD oil products online:

  • Look for organic lab reports that provide detailed information about how much CBD is contained in any given product. Stay clear of companies selling low-quality oils with very little active ingredient since these are likely to cause side effects like headaches, nausea, and drowsiness, among others which can be dangerous if ignored over time.
  • Pay attention to the labeling on each product! Check its list of ingredients as well as for instructions for use. If possible, go through customer reviews left by previous buyers who have tried the brand before buying anything yourself. This will help ensure that you get exactly what you pay for without taking unnecessary risks with your health.
  • Finally, it is a good idea to check for any warnings about interactions with medications or existing medical conditions before starting to take CBD oil products for fibromyalgia. This will help prevent unnecessary side effects that can become especially dangerous if ignored.

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All Things Considered,

CBD oils are a popular product for those who suffer from chronic pain. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to find one that will suit your needs and budget. Here we’ve compiled five of the best brands available according to their quality, good customer reviews, website appearance, and actual products. The first place winner is Royal CBD, with its high-quality hemp oil at an affordable price point. Gold Bee came in second due to its variety of flavors and prices as well as excellent ratings. Let us know what you think of these choices or which brand you use by leaving a comment below!


5 Best CBD Oils for ADHD: Brand Reviews 2022

ADHD has become more common these days. In fact, this is a disorder that affects millions of people around the world. ADHD has various symptoms, which include forgetfulness, difficulty in paying attention, and being hyperactive. These days, more parents are looking for alternative treatment methods to cure their children with ADHD.

CBD oil is quickly becoming the preferred form of treatment for ADHD, especially among children. If you are considering giving CBD oil to your child but don’t know which one to choose, look no further. We have researched and found the 5 best CBD oils for ADHD.

Best CBD Oil for ADHD: Top Brands

Finding the top brands of CBD oil is important as you have to make sure that you will get the utmost results from it. The top brands of CBD oil are:

Royal CBD

Royal CBD is probably the best choice for ADHD. This brand has a natural composition with zero chemicals, fillers, or additives. They also have exceptional customer service, which you can reach directly by calling them on their toll-free number at any time of the day.


  • All-natural formula
  • No additives or chemicals.
  • 100% money-back guarantee on all their products
  • Fastest shipping (next day) and excellent customer service


  • Royal CBD Oil for ADHD
  • CBD Soft Gels.


  • Royal CBD Oil comes in a small plastic container with an eyedropper for easy dosing.

Review: Overall, this is probably the best choice of product if you’re looking to try CBD oil on your child. It’s natural and free from any chemicals or additives, which makes it safe to use even on children.

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Gold Bee

Gold Bee Botanicals is a top-notch brand that offers high-quality products at affordable rates. The company uses organic hemp, which makes their product 100% safe as well as healthy to use. Gold Bee Botanicals have an extensive list of products that include oils, capsules, and balms for adults as well as children.


  • Use of organic hemp in their oil makes it 100% safe to use on all kinds of people, including kids
  • Affordable rates with a money-back guarantee if you don’t like the product.



  • Comes in a plastic bottle with a dropper to easily dispense the oil. The size is small enough that you can carry it around in your pocket or purse. Can also be used by kids without any hassle. It’s so easy to use that you just have to dispense a few drops of oil under your tongue and wait for it to get absorbed.

Review: This small yet powerful CBD oil is the perfect product if you’re looking for something easy on the pocket as well as effective. Plus, they offer a money-back guarantee, so it’s worth giving them a try.

Natural CBD

If you’re looking for something organic and natural, look no further than Natural CBD. This brand is made of the highest quality ingredients at affordable rates. Their products are 100% safe to use by anyone, including kids.


  • All their products are made from organic hemp, which makes them completely free from chemicals and additives.
  • Their CBD oil contains zero THC (the stuff that gets people high and results in addiction). The product is safe enough to be used by kids as well.


  • Natural CBD Oil for ADHD


  • This comes in a plastic bottle with a dropper which makes it easy to dispense and consume.

Review: Whether it’s for adults or kids, this is one of the best CBD oil brands you can try. It’s organic and has no additives, which make it completely safe to use by anyone without any side effects. Plus, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their product, so it’s worth giving them a try.

Pure CBD Vapors

CBD Vapor is the best choice if you’re looking for something which contains zero THC. This vapor juice comes with no additives or chemicals, making it completely safe to use by anyone without any side effects.


  • Contains zero THC, which makes it safe to use by anyone without any side effects. Plus, they offer a money-back guarantee.


  • CBD Vapor for ADHD and Stress Packaging: Comes in a small plastic bottle with a dropper for easy consumption.

Review: This is probably one of the best brands out there if you’re looking for something natural and safe to use, even for kids. Plus, they offer a money-back guarantee, so it’s worth giving them a try.


CBDistillery is one of the best brands if you’re looking for affordable rates with great quality products. The company uses high-grade ingredients in their products which makes them completely safe to use by anyone, including kids.


  • All their products are made from high-grade ingredients and contain zero THC making it a perfect choice for those who don’t want anything that gets you high. Plus, they offer a money-back guarantee if the product doesn’t suit your needs.


  • CBD Oil for ADHD, Anxiety, and Stress


  • Comes in a plastic bottle with a dropper to easily dispense the oil. The size is small enough that you can carry it around in your pocket or purse. Can also be used by kids without any hassle. It’s so easy to use that you just have to dispense a few drops of oil under your tongue and wait for it to get absorbed.

Review: If you’re looking for something natural that’s made from high-grade ingredients, this is a perfect choice. Plus, they offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t like their products, so it’s worth giving them a try.

In Definition: ADHD

ADHD is a mental disorder that is characterized by trouble focusing and paying attention, along with hyperactivity. Symptoms include disorganization, forgetfulness, restlessness, and fidgeting. Children with ADHD are most likely diagnosed between the ages of three and seven years old.

Adults with ADHD often struggle with disorganization and forgetfulness. Symptoms include difficulty concentrating, procrastination, low self-esteem, and mood swings.

ADHD is a complex condition that affects both adults and children who live with the disorder every day. While it’s not known what causes ADHD, there are many different treatments available to help manage symptoms, including medications as well as behavior and lifestyle changes.

What Are the Types of ADHD?

There are three different types of ADHD. These include:

  • Predominantly Inattentive Type – those who have difficulty focusing and paying attention but aren’t hyperactive or impulsive.
  • Predominantly Hyperactive/Impulsive Type – children with this type of ADHD often fidget a lot, talk excessively, and have trouble sitting still.
  • Combined Type – children with this type of ADHD have symptoms from both the inattentive and hyperactive/impulsive groups.

How Does CBD Oil Help in ADHD?

CBD oil is a natural antioxidant that helps in boosting the activity of dopamine and serotonin levels. This, in turn, improves focus and concentration as well as decreases restlessness, making CBD oil ideal for those who have ADHD symptoms such as impulsivity or hyperactivity.

CBD oil works by interacting with the body’s own endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for maintaining homeostasis or balance in our bodies. When this system is disrupted by abnormalities, it can lead to different types of diseases, including ADHD. By supplementing your diet with CBD oil, you’re essentially restoring your cannabinoid levels and promoting better overall health.

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What Benefits Can You Get from CBD Oil for ADHD?

CBD oil for ADHD or any other mental disorder can help in various ways. CBD is a natural antioxidant that helps replenish depleted minerals and vitamins from the body, making it highly effective at preventing diseases such as ADHD from occurring. Other benefits of taking CBD oil include:

  • Improved mood: Anxiety and depression are two common mental disorders experienced by those with ADHD. CBD oil has been proven to help in combating both disorders, leading to an improved mood for the people who are taking it.
  • Reduced stress levels: Lack of sleep is one of the most common issues associated with individuals suffering from mental health problems such as depression or anxiety. This can lead to increased stress and fatigue. CBD oil has been proven to help with both reducing stress levels as well as improving sleep patterns, making it a great home remedy for ADHD.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: Those who have ADHD are more likely prone to an inflammation of the brain, which is caused by microglia cells being activated too soon. This can lead to the inhibition of neurotransmitters which are responsible for learning, memory, and behavior. CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can help in reducing the inflammation caused by microglial cells, thus preventing this from occurring.

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CBD Oil vs. Conventional Treatments: Which is Better?

CBD oil is a better alternative when compared to conventional treatments for ADHD. There are no CBD side effects, unlike prescription drugs which often come with numerous side effects that can even lead to addiction.

Though both are effective in managing symptoms of ADHD, the natural effects that you can get from CBD oil are more pleasant to take than what conventional treatments give.

Potential Side Effects of CBD Oil

CBD is safe to use and has no adverse effects on the body. CBD oil can be used orally or topically, depending on what you need it for. Though there are no side effects associated with using CBD oil, some people may experience dry mouth, low blood pressure, lightheadedness as well as drowsiness when taking it. These are mild side effects that can easily be countered by drinking lots of water or taking a nap after using CBD oil.

The only other major concern is drug test results which show up as positive if you’re currently consuming THC, even though it’s from an all-natural source like hemp. There are several ways to take out the chemicals from CBD oil without losing their effects, but it’s best to discuss this with a doctor before taking the drug test.

Potential Side Effects from Conventional Treatments

Some of the most common side effects associated with conventional treatments for ADHD are drowsiness, irritability, and loss of appetite. There have also been cases where some individuals experience aggression or mood swings which can be worrying to deal with. These are just a few examples among many others, but these negative side effects should always be taken into consideration before considering conventional treatments.

How Safe Is CBD Oil for Kids With ADHD?

CBD oil is considered safe for kids because it does not contain any THC. It is made of all-natural ingredients which can provide pleasant effects to kids without making them feel “high.” However, it is always better to consult their pediatrician first before administering CBD oil. This is to make sure that it doesn’t have any negative effects on their health.

There are so many benefits of CBD oil that can help kids with ADHD live a better life, but remember to use only the purest form available for maximum results.

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How Much CBD Do You Need?

The amount of CBD oil that you need will depend on the severity of your symptoms. It’s always best to start with a small dosage and then gradually increase it as needed until you find what works for you. There really is no specific dose of CBD oil one can get. It is because of the factors that are to be considered before taking CBD oil.

Proper Dose for Children with ADHD

It is never recommended to give children with ADHD the same dosage usually given to adults. This can be dangerous because there are no clinical studies that have been conducted on giving CBD oil to kids so you need to consult their pediatrician first before administering it. The proper dose should always depend on numerous factors such as age, weight, and current medications.

Proper Dose for Adults with ADHD

For adults, the recommended dose is between 15 and 20 mg per day. You can take CBD oil in various ways, such as vaping or through capsules. Do not exceed 40 mg of CBD oil unless you’ve consulted with a medical professional first.


There are many brands in the market to choose from, but it is better if you can find the best CBD oil. This will ensure you that you are getting a top-quality product in that brand.

CBD oil can be used orally or topically, depending on what you need it for. People with ADHD can depend on CBD oil as it will help them cope with the different symptoms of ADHD.

From the list given above, Royal CBD is seen to be the best CBD oil for ADHD. It is because of the many positive reviews that it has been getting from its previous users.

In conclusion, CBD oil is a great way to treat ADHD symptoms without any side effects. It’s easy on your body, and you can always adjust how much dosage you take depending on your needs.


What Is the Best CBD Oil for Seizures? (Brand Reviews 2022)

Epilepsy is a disorder that causes seizures. When a person says epilepsy, most people think of seizures. Seizures are caused by strong bursts of electrical activity that affect the brain’s ability to send signals to nerve cells in different parts of the brain.

Seizures are scary. They can be terrifying, and they make it difficult to enjoy life as you should. You want to do everything in your power to avoid them, but sometimes they happen anyway. That’s where CBD oil for seizures comes into play!

CBD oil is a natural treatment that can be used to help people with seizures. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which comes from the cannabis plant. CBD oils are available over-the-counter online and in stores around the world at present.

There are some things you should consider before using CBD oil as an epilepsy treatment, which we will discuss in this post. We will also review some of the best CBD oil for seizures on the market and let you know how they can help you!

CBD Oil: How Does It Helps with Seizures and Epilepsy?

CBD oil is an all-natural treatment for epilepsy and seizures. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which comes from the cannabis plant

CBD oil can be used to help people with seizures, but it also has many other medical benefits that may surprise you! Read on to find out more about CBD oils and what they can do to improve your health.

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Seizures and Epilepsy

One of CBD oil’s main benefits is its ability to relieve seizures and epilepsy. CBD oils have been proven to reduce the number of seizures a person has and their severity. CBD oils can also be used to help prevent epileptic episodes from happening.

CBD oils may also help with mood swings, paranoia, and depression associated with epilepsy. CBD oils can also help with sleep disorders and anxiety that might be related to seizures. CBD oil is an excellent option for epilepsy treatment because it’s safe and natural!

CBD oil is also great for your overall health. It’s a holistic treatment, meaning it can help with different issues you might be facing in addition to seizures and epilepsy. CBD oils are used to aid digestion, improve heart health, boost circulation, reduce anxiety, relieve muscle spasms or relieve chronic pain such as fibromyalgia, combat asthma symptoms, slow the aging process, and even improve skin health!

CBD Oil: How It Works on the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

The endocannabinoid system, or ECS, is responsible for regulating many essential body processes. CBD oil improves the ECS by supplementing it with additional cannabinoids, which are natural compounds that help keep your body in balance!

The endocannabinoid system is responsible for pain management, stress relief, mood swings, memory function, and more. CBD oils can treat many different health issues because CBD interacts with the ECS, responsible for so many different roles in your body!

CBD Oil for Seizure Prevention

If a person is experiencing a seizure regularly, it is best to prevent them from having one altogether. You can do this by taking CBD oil every day. The oil will carry the CBD molecules into the body and brain, where they interact with cannabinoid receptors to help reduce the severity of seizures.

CBD oil for seizures is also used to prevent epileptic episodes from happening. If a person experiences an episode, they can take CBD oil right away and stop the episode from going any further. This will reduce the severity of your next seizure as well as reduce their frequency over time.

CBD Oil and Seizures: What Are the Best CBD Brands?

There are many CBD brands to choose from, and they come in a variety of CBD strengths. CBD oils can be highly effective for those who suffer from seizures. CBD oil has been seen as an alternative treatment for those who don’t want to take prescription medication.

CBD is also legal in the majority of US states. There doesn’t appear to be any psychoactive effects, and CBD won’t make you “high” like other drugs might.

Here are some CBD brands that are well known for their CBD oil products:

Royal CBD

This is an excellent brand of CBD with many great reviews online. They offer a lot of different strengths for their CBD oil, including 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and 2500mg in an unflavored natural CBD oil.

The company’s CBD oil comes from full-spectrum CBD extract from organic hemp, extracted using CBD-rich cannabis strains. It doesn’t contain gluten, GMOs, or any other unnecessary chemicals which you might find in other CBD brands that use cheap CBD isolate.

Royal CBD offers a variety of CBD products, including CBD Gummies, CBD gummies CBD for pets, CBD pills, and more for those who want to try different methods of taking the product.

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Gold Bee

This CBD manufacturer is well known for their CBD oils as they offer two different strengths, including 1200 mg and 2400 mg in natural, kiwi, and lychee flavors. CBD oil is a great way to help with seizures, and the company has been in business since 2017, so they are a reputable CBD manufacturer.

Gold Bee sources CBD from CBD producers in America and uses a CO₂ extraction method to ensure that all the beneficial cannabinoids are included in their CBD oil.

The company offers CBD capsules, gummies, topical, honey sticks, and even CBD for pets! CBD for pets is a special CBD oil that you can give to your pet, and it will help with anxiety, pain relief, skin conditions like allergies or arthritis.


CBDistillery’s CBD oil is a full-spectrum hemp extract that includes cannabinoids, co2-extracted terpenes, and hemp essential oils. CBDistillery can produce various CBD products, including drops, capsules, ointments, and vape oils.

Their CBD oil is made from industrial hemp from Colorado, so it’s compliant with the Farm Bill. CBDistillery tests for potency and quality to ensure safety and quality. They use third parties to test their product as well as in-house laboratories.

Their CBD is derived from the hemp plant and does not contain THC, so it’s legal in all 50 states. It also has less than 0.03% of THC, making the product safe for consumption by children or pets.

Hemp Bombs 

Hemp Bombs is an American company producing CBD products using non-GMO hemp. According to Hemp Bombs, their CBD oil provides natural relief for anxiety, diabetes, migraines, chronic pain, PTSD, antibiotic-resistant infections, and much more.

They provide CBD products in various forms, including oil, vape juice, and topical ointments. Hemp Bombs’ lab results are available on their website for transparency purposes to ensure the safety of their product. They also use third-party testing facilities to test their hemp extracts three times during production and post-production.


One of the most popular brands for CBD oils is CBDPure. The company sells a variety of products, including CBD tinctures, capsules, and oils designed to help with various symptoms and health conditions. The active ingredients include cannabidiol (CBD), hemp seed oil, and fractionated coconut oil.

The CBD oil comes in a 60ml bottle with a concentration of 50mg CBD per ml. The company uses a solvent-free CO₂ extraction process to extract the CBD from hemp, and they offer their third-party lab testing results on their website for transparency purposes.

Should You Choose CBD or THC? Which Is Better for Epilepsy?

CBD and THC are both chemical compounds that can be found in cannabis. The primary difference is that THC has psychoactive effects while CBD does not. THC is credited with many medical benefits, but because it can make you high, some people do not like the idea of taking it for things like epilepsy.

A study in England set out to determine CBD and THC levels’ effects on epileptic patients’ brain activity. They discovered that CBD did help stop seizures in many epileptic patients, but it did not seem to have the same effect on everyone.

Additionally, they found no significant reduction in seizures when patients were given a combination of CBD and THC together, as opposed to just CBD or just THC alone.

CBD might not be the miracle drug some people claim it to be, but that means THC is also less miraculous than some believe. Many factors are involved in epilepsy and its treatment; CBD oil may or may not work for you. It has worked for some people, so trying out a low dosage of CBD on your own might give you good results.

CBD Oil for Seizures & Epilepsy: How to Use CBD Products

To best address the seizures, it is crucial to list their triggers for experiencing a seizure. Some of the triggers are high fever, low blood sugar, lack of sleep or rest, injury or illness, tumors, or foreign substances in the brain that produce abnormal electrical signals.

After identifying these triggers, there are many ways to use CBD products for seizures. If they are not experiencing an episode but could experience one at any time, it is vital to avoid anything listed as a trigger for a seizure to stay seizure-free.

If they are already experiencing a seizure, it is best to have these three things ready: emergency medication, water, and CBD products. You will be able to administer the CBD oil quickly to bring down the severity of their seizure.

Once the seizure is over, it’s essential to stay with them so you can administer CBD products in case they experience another one.

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CBD Oil: What Is the Correct Dosage for Seizures?

You will want to take a CBD dosage of 25-30mg per day for optimal results. Taking a higher dosage of CBD might make it difficult for the person to sleep and become nauseous. Increasing the dose too quickly can also lead to a decrease in efficacy.

This is a broad question because a lot depends on what type of epilepsy the person has, how severe it is, and what kind of medication is being used. It would be best to ask someone with epilepsy about their unique situation.

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CBD Oil Dosage for Kids with Seizures

For children, it is best to start with a shallow dose. You want them to have the smallest dosage possible so there are minimal side effects.

Start with one drop of CBD oil twice daily and work your way up depending on how they feel about the product. If their epilepsy becomes worse, stop using the product immediately!

CBD Oil Dosage for Adults with Seizures

Adults can begin with one drop of CBD oil twice daily. If comfortable, you can gradually increase the dosage to two drops per day for maximum results. You want them to experience relief but not have adverse side effects from taking too much CBD oil.

CBD Oil for Seizures Side Effects

There are very few side effects associated with CBD oil. The most common problems include dry mouth, low blood pressure, light-headedness, and drowsiness. You will want to tell your doctor about any existing medical conditions so they can advise you if it is safe for you to take CBD products.

If you’re looking for a daily dosage of CBD for epilepsy, then the best product to use would be CBD oil. People that are suffering from seizures can take CBD oil orally, or they may also opt to use Vaping CBD oil. The market offers many different types of CBD products which will help with epilepsy and its symptoms.

The Bottomline

CBD oil is a controversial topic that both have people who believe it’s a miracle drug and others who are skeptical. If you’re looking for relief from seizure episodes or epilepsy, this article should have given you some insight into using CBD products safely and effectively.

Royal CBD is an excellent brand that is known to produce high-quality CBD products. You can check out their products here to see if they have a product that would fit your needs. Many people have tried the brand and have found a noticeable effect on their epilepsy symptoms!

Whether it be through direct ingestion of CBD products or other methods such as topical usage on your skin or in a bath, there are many ways to get relief from seizures with the help of CBD oils.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


The Best CBD Oil for Anxiety — Top 5 Brands in 2022

Anxiety is a term that is used to describe a number of different conditions. These include social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder, among many others.

In all cases, it can be described as a feeling of fear of being judged by other people or behaving in a way that doesn’t feel natural. It’s often the case that those who suffer from an anxiety disorder also have some other related issues such as depression, addiction, or OCD.

The Top 5 Best CBD Oil Brands for Anxiety


Royal CBD Oil Product Description:

Royal CBD oil is made from full-spectrum (whole plant) extracts of industrial hemp. They use a 99% pure CBD isolate combined with MCT oil and terpenes for maximum bioavailability.

They claim their product “contains ALL the beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids naturally found in industrial hemp,” and they also say that it is an “entirely legal” supplement in all 50 US states.


  • Fast shipping, competitive prices.
  • Great customer service.
  • Works for many types of anxiety disorders.


  • It’s a little pricey than normal CBD Oils but definitely worth the quality as per user reviews.

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Gold Bee CBD Oil Product Description:

Gold Bee’s products use organic, non-GMO industrial hemp grown in Northern Europe. They extract their CBD using CO2 and then combine it with hemp seed oil to increase bioavailability.


  • Competitive prices for high-quality CBD Oil.
  • No additives (so completely natural and easy to digest).


  • Cannot be bought in a store (you need to buy online), although you can find them at some stores.

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Purple Dragon CBD Oil Product Description:

The Purple Dragon range of pure CBD oil uses only third-party laboratory-checked ingredients and offers very competitive pricing as well as great customer service. Their product is made from all-natural ingredients that are tested by a third party to ensure purity.


  •  Shipping only costs $5 flat no matter how much you buy.
  • Good quality and competitively priced product.


  • Not as many flavors available as some other brands.


CBD Essence Product Description:

CBD Essence offers two ranges of CBD products – their standard range and a ‘Tru’ range which is more expensive but has been developed for maximum bioavailability (and, therefore, effectiveness). They extract their CBD using CO2 and then combine it with hemp seed oil to increase bioavailability. Their products are vegan, organic, GMO-free, and gluten-free. They also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy on all products that lasts thirty days.


  • Very good quality CBD Oil at a fair price.
  • Vegan, organic, GMO-free, and gluten-free product range.


  1. Slightly less selection of flavors than some other brands.


Titan CBD Product Description:

Their products are lab tested to ensure that they meet the industry standards and contain no THC. Titan CBD blends its oil with organic MCT oil to improve absorption into the body. Their product is vegan, all-natural, and comes in a wide range of flavors, as well as being available in 250mg or 750mg per bottle.


  • Vegan, an organic product with no GMOs or pesticides, is made from natural ingredients.
  • Has many different flavor options available.


It’s A little bit more expensive than some other brands but still very competitively priced.

What Are the Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil for Anxiety?

It has been found that CBD oil may help to reduce anxiety and other symptoms associated with this condition. Some of the potential therapeutic uses of CBD oil include:

  • May calm feelings of anxiety and panic.
  • Has antipsychotic properties – can ease symptoms related to schizophrenia and psychosis
  • May work as an antidepressant by increasing serotonin levels in the brain, which is known to play a crucial role in mood regulation.
  • Can treat insomnia – many people experience sleep disorders such as insomnia due to their low serotonin levels, which CBD oil is able to improve.
  • Aids those who suffer from PTSD – it can put you into a relaxed state and promote restful sleep, both of which PTSD sufferers lack severely. This article discusses more the benefits of CBD oil for PTSD.

What Is the Best Way of Taking CBD Oil?

CBD oils come in different forms. For some people, vaping CBD oil may suit their lifestyle better, while others would prefer taking it orally through capsules.

Is CBD Oil Federally Legal in 2022?

CBD oil is federally legal, but the law surrounding it is quite complex. Different states may have different laws governing both the possession and distribution of CBD oil. It’s also important to note that the official stance on CBD oil varies from country to country – some have stricter regulations than others.

There are only three FDA-approved uses for CBD at this time: seizures from two different epilepsies, a rare type of childhood epilepsy called Dravet syndrome, and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or LGS, another form of epilepsy with multiple types.

What Are the Side Effects of Taking CBD Oil?

While there are many benefits of CBD oil, some people do not react well to it. This is known as a side effect of the medication and may include:

  • Drowsiness – can potentially interfere with daily activities such as driving or operating machinery
  • Nausea and vomiting – make sure you take your CBD oil with food and on an empty stomach to reduce these symptoms
  • Decreased appetite and weight loss – this side effect usually only occurs in those who use higher doses of CBD oil; if this is the case for you, speak to your doctor about switching medications.

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What Is the Most Common Cause of Anxiety?

Anxiety can either be caused by external stimuli, known as situational anxiety, or internal factors, known as generalized anxiety.

Generalized anxiety is defined as an irrational fear of everyday situations that may or may not have a stressful impact on your life. This type of anxiety is often the result of genetic predispositions and is believed to be incurable. Situational anxiety is different in that it triggers feelings of panic due to specific events taking place during the time you are experiencing these feelings – so being in a crowded room with lots of people talking would cause you to feel anxious if you suffer from social phobia.

What Are the Different Types of Anxiety?

There are many types of anxiety disorders, and all of these can be treated with CBD oil.

  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) – Anxiety that isn’t related to a specific object or situation; this is the most common type of anxiety and often impacts your day-to-day life.
  • Social phobia – fear of social situations which manifests as overwhelming discomfort in public, to the point where it causes panic attacks and possible avoidance behaviors; temporary feelings of dread before entering a social situation are not classified as social phobia.
  • Panic disorder – brief and sudden periods of intense fear and distress caused by certain triggers.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – individuals who suffer from PTSD experience flashbacks about traumatic events they experienced, which cause them severe distress, disabling them from living a normal life.
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) – people with OCD experience either thoughts or actions which they can’t control and can lead to distress and anxiety.

Is Taking Pharmaceutical Anti-anxiety Medication Bad for You?

Many people living with anxiety choose to take pharmaceutical anti-anxiety medication such as benzodiazepines, which can be effective in managing symptoms of an anxiety disorder. When used correctly, they are known to help reduce the severity and frequency of anxiety attacks.

However, dependence is a big risk when taking these drugs – physical and psychological. Benzodiazepines slow down brain activity which can affect memory and thought processing when taken for an extended period of time, so it’s important to speak to your doctor if you think this is the best course of action for you.

To conclude,

CBD oil for anxiety is fast becoming the most popular solution to help relieve symptoms of this debilitating condition. We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 best CBD oils, which are all excellent choices for someone looking for relief from anxiety. What’s your favorite? Let us know!


Equilibria Women CBD Reviews and Buying Guide (2022)

CBD’s popularity gave rise to many CBD brands offering innovative products that you can incorporate into your daily health routine. With many brands to choose from, though, deciding which one is right for you can become tough, especially if you’re a beginner at CBD.

We’ll be discussing Equilibria CBD in this company review. It’s a women-led CBD company that focuses on women’s needs and how CBD can help them. This brand is quite new to the game but is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for CBD products. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer.

Review Summary

Rating: 9 out of 10

Equilibria CBD is a young CBD brand, but it’s already gaining traction in the CBD landscape for its high-quality CBD products. It has a wide variety of products to choose from, good customer service, and a very informative and helpful website, especially for beginners.

One disadvantage this brand has is that its CBD products are more expensive than other known brands. This is completely understandable. The brand prides itself on its attention to detail, so you can expect premium-grade ingredients, state-of-the-art processes, and strict quality control. From organic farming processes to product packaging, you know you’re getting the most out of your money.

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Featured Product: CBD Daily Drops

  • Type of CBD: Full-spectrum CBD
  • Potency Range: 300 to 1500mg of CBD per bottle
  • Flavor Options: Unflavored as well as Mint (for regular strength)

CBD tinctures are one of the simplest and most flexible ways of incorporating CBD into your daily routine. You can add a few drops under your tongue, and it can already help regulate your mood, lower your stress levels, and increase your focus.

Equilibria CBD’s Daily Drops is one of its bestselling products. It takes about 10 minutes to half an hour, lasting anywhere from four hours to six hours.

This tincture comes in a 30 mL bottle with a potency range of 300mg (regular strength) to 1500mg (extra strength) per bottle. Beginners to CBD can benefit well from the regular-strength CBD tincture, especially if they’re still looking for their sweet spot or the right CBD dosage.

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Other Products Offered by Equilibria CBD

Below are some of the other top products offered by this brand.

1. CBD Daily Gummies

If you’re on a vegan or gluten-free diet, then try Equilirbia’s CBD-infused gummies, with each gummy having 10mg of CBD. It has an onset time of half an hour to an hour, and its effect can last up to eight hours. It’s a great addition to your daily routine, especially if you want to feel more focused and centered throughout the day.

When it comes to taste, the pineapple dragonfruit flavoring helps a lot in masking the ‘grassy’ taste you often get with any CBD-infused product.

2. CBD Softgels

If you’re not a fan of tinctures or gummies, then CBD Softgels may be a good alternative. Equilibria’s CBD offers these softgels in two strengths:

  • 10mg of CBD (regular strength)
  • 25mg of CBD (extra strength)

You also have the option to choose between a bottle of 30 capsules and 60 capsules.

CBD Softgels slowly release CBD into the system, a process that can take about one to two hours before you can start feeling its effects. Once the relaxing and uplifting effects kick in, it can last up to eight hours. The effect can also help give you a good quality sleep.

3. Rapid Calming Melts

If you’re after a fast-acting effect, then Equilibria CBD’s innovative Rapid Calming Melts is exactly what you need to jumpstart your daily routine. Each melt contains 5mg of CBD, with 15 melts for every jar. After popping one in, it can take five to 15 minutes for the effects to kick in, and the effects can last for three to six hours.

The Rapid Calming Melts are mint-flavored and melts quickly once placed under the tongue. It’s a convenient and discreet way of taking CBD.

One jar of this fast-acting CBD melts is worth $40.

4. Relief Balm

Equilirbia’s CBD-rich Relief Balm is a great addition to your daily regimen. It works great in controlling pain, including neuropathic or nerve pain, and even reducing inflammation.

Each relief balm has a total of 500mg of CBD. It also contains other ingredients such as shea butter and coconut oil. For added relief, It also has arnica, menthol, lavender, and rosemary. It’s a non-sticky balm that doesn’t leave an oily residue on the skin.

Relief Balm is absorbed deeply into the skin and targets local discomfort. Many women find it helpful in controlling their period pains and lower abdominal cramping.

5. Mindful Mineral Soak

A CBD-infused bath salt, Equilibria CBD’s Mindful Mineral Soak promotes relaxation and stress relief. It has a floral lavender scent that helps promote better sleep.

One packet of this bath salt contains a total of 200mg of CBD, which is good for about four baths. This product contains 30 minerals. Gardenia and jasmine extracts are also added to the bath salt to make it even more aromatic and therapeutic.

Just like the Relief Balm, the price for this product is quite steep, especially considering the amount of product you’re getting. However, if the cost is not an issue, then go for it.

What Does Equilibria CBD Do Well?

Equilibria CBD has a great selection of CBD products that help promote a balanced mind and body. How the company gives importance to every detail in its production is also commendable. This just shows how committed the company is to its customers’ health and safety.

The company also has good customer service and quick delivery time. Its educational program is also notable. This equips the readers with added CBD knowledge and a better understanding of how CBD works in the body.

Where Could Equilibria CBD Improve?

The CBD products offered by Equilibria CBD are more expensive than those offered by other, more popular CBD brands.

This is the one thing the brand can improve on. Multiple reviews find its products to be a little too expensive, but as mentioned earlier, the company prides itself on its laboratory-tested, premium-grade CBD products and exemplary customer service.

With Equilibria CBD, it’s quality over quantity.

Does Equilibria CBD Offer Free Shipping?

Yes. Equilibria CBD offers free shipping, but only if you subscribe and register as a member. This perk automatically delivers your order, so you don’t run out of your CBD.

Are Equilibria CBD’s Products Third-Party Tested?

All of Equilibria CBD’s products undergo third-party testing to ensure their quality and safety. The test looks for traces of dangerous pesticides and other contaminants like mycotoxins and pathogenic microorganisms. It also checks for the presence of heavy metals, toxic residues, and other residual solvents. The results are publicly available on its website for customers to easily check.

Are There Any Discounts Available For Equilibria CBD?

Equilibria CBD gives you two ways to get a discount.

The first one is by availing of its bundle discounts. In a one-time purchase, you’ll receive 10% off when you buy two items and 20% off when you buy three or more items.

The other way is by subscribing to the company’s subscription program. This gives you 20% off on every order. You can always opt out of the subscription program any time you want to.

Prices & Where to Buy

As mentioned earlier, Equilibria CBD’s more expensive prices put the brand at a disadvantage. Not only does it offer pricier CBD products, but some products also tend to have smaller amounts for their high price points. In defense of the company though, many of its customers can attest to the excellence of its CBD products, saying they have benefited greatly from them.

Equilibria’s CBD products are all available on the company’s website, complete with product details, ingredients, and laboratory results. You can buy individual products, bundle promos, or avail of its subscription program for discounts and free shipping.

Equilibria Women CBD: Should You Buy It?

Equilibria CBD is a buy. It offers premium-grade CBD products that are effective in helping you find balance and maintain healthy wellbeing. It also has excellent customer service and dosage support experts who are always ready to assist you.

The major downside we could find is its high price points compared to other competing brands. However, If you’re after quality and don’t mind the cost, then check out Equilibria CBD.

Of the different Equilibria CBD products, which one do you want to try first? Let us know in the comments below!


Black Tie CBD Review: Brand Details, and Buying Guide 2022

Looking for a luxurious CBD experience? Look no further than Black Tie CBD. This company offers premium CBD products that will make you feel like a million bucks. From tinctures to topicals, Black Tie has everything you need to elevate your CBD game. Read our review to find out why we love Black Tie CBD.

Key Points

Black Tie CBD has its up and down points. Knowing these will help you see if this is the brand for you. Here are its pros and cons.


  • Good quality products
  • Variety of CBD products
  • High potency products
  • Different flavors to choose from
  • Free shipping for orders $100 and above


  • Pricey products
  • Extraction method not mentioned on the website

Company Details

Hemp Source

The hemp used by this company is Colorado-grown and organically certified. It is 100% non-GMO, and all of its products are lab tested for purity and potency.

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Testing & Quality Control

All Black Tie CBD products are lab tested by a third party. The results of these tests can be accessed on the website, and you will find a QR code linked to the lab report for each product on its label. The lab tests check for purity, potency, and the presence of any contaminants. Third-party lab testing is important as it ensures that the CBD products you’re using are safe and effective.

Company Information

You can contact the company by phone or by email. Their email address is [email protected], and their phone number is 1-888-702-2285. You can also visit their website to speak with live chat support regarding your concerns or questions about the company and its products.

Product Reviews

1. CBD Tinctures

The CBD tinctures from this company are among their best sellers. Customers loved that it is available both in full-spectrum and broad-spectrum. There are also options regarding the potencies and flavors. For the full-spectrum tinctures, you can choose from potencies 300, 600, 1200, and 5000 mg of CBD. The broad-spectrum tinctures are available in 600 and 1200 mg. Flavors are also abundant in this product. You can choose from flavors like peppermint, orange, lemon, and a lot more. If you do not want it flavored, you can opt for the unflavored tinctures.

2. CBD Topicals

The CBD topicals from Black Tie are also a big hit with customers. These include massage oils, bath bombs, gel pens, and many others that can be used to provide relief for various conditions like arthritis, muscle pain, and eczema. Customers loved the fact that these products offer long-lasting relief without any psychoactive effects. The potencies vary depending on the product.

3. CBD Smokables

The CBD smokables from Black Tie are among its not-so-common products in its lineup. There are not too many CBD brands that offer smokables, particularly hemp flowers. With Black Tie CBD, you can choose from hemp flowers, pre-rolls, kief, moon rocks, and more.

4. CBD Gummies

The CBD gummies from Black Tie CBD are a customer favorite. The company offers a variety of flavors to choose from. You can find them in 25 mg potency per gummy with ten pieces in each pack. You get to choose from the variety you want, such as sleep, relief, daily, and stress.

5. CBD Hemp Flower

This is another rare product and among their best-selling product since it is not easy to find from other brands. There are a lot of sizes, flavors, and strains available. Customers use this product for smoking, vaping, and even preparing their edibles at home.

6. CBD For Pets

The CBD products from Black Tie can also be given to our furry friends. The company offers a variety of pet-friendly CBD products like dog treats. These are based on the size of your dog and come in sizes meant for small to medium or for medium to large dogs. This product contains 250 mg hemp CBD in every pack. You can give your pet one treat per day.

7. CBD Vape Cartridges

The CBD vape cartridges this brand is also a favorite among customers. If you are a fan of vaping, you will enjoy this product as it comes in different flavors. Their full-spectrum vapes contain 550 mg CBD. On the other hand, the broad-spectrum vape cartridge has 600 mg CBD. The best-selling flavors are bubble gum and strawberry mimosa.

8. CBD Coffee

The combination of coffee and CBD can truly give a strong kick. This product will help you start your day with a lot of energy. The CBD coffee from Black Tie has 200 mg hemp CBD in every bag. This is among its products that you cannot get from other brands.

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Brand Review

9 / 10

Black Tie CBD satisfies customers in different aspects. They have a lot of products to offer which are all of high quality. The company uses top-quality and potent hemp extracts sourced from organic farms in the US. Furthermore, each product comes with lab reports that can be accessed on the website. It is the pricing that customers find to be an issue as some products are more expensive than other brands.

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Best Place to Buy Black Tie CBD Products

You can purchase Black Tie CBD products from the company’s website. However, due to the product line’s popularity, some of these products are currently out of stock. You may want to check back later if you’re looking for something specific. Some online retailers also sell these products.

Does Black Tie Offer Free Shipping?

Black Tie CBD offers free shipping on orders over $100.

CBD Questions: Answered

1. What Is the Difference Between CBD & THC?

CBD and THC are both cannabinoids. However, CBD is non-psychoactive, which means it does not get you high. On the other hand, THC is psychoactive and will make you feel high.

2. What Is the Difference Between Full-Spectrum & Broad-Spectrum CBD?

Broad-spectrum CBD contains all cannabinoids except for THC. This is a good choice if you want to enjoy the entourage effect of all cannabinoids but do not want any trace of THC. Full-spectrum CBD, on the other hand, contains a small amount of THC (0.03% or less), plus the other cannabinoids.

3. Will CBD Make Me Sleepy?

CBD is known to have a relaxing effect. However, it will not make you sleepy unless it is taken in high doses. It is important to take CBD in your ideal dose to ensure that you will not deal with side effects.

4. Will CBD Make Me High?

CBD does not have any psychoactive effects, so it will not get you high. It has a relaxing effect that can help ease anxiety, pain, and inflammation in the body.

5. What Are the Benefits of CBD?

Some of the benefits of CBD include:

  • Relief from anxiety — CBD is effective in reducing anxiety levels. CBD can help those with anxiety disorders, including relief from PTSD, to feel more relaxed and less stressed.
  • Pain relief — CBD is known to help relieve pain, especially chronic nerve pain. It helps in reducing inflammation in the body, including swelling and joint pain.
  • Reduced inflammation — CBD can help reduce inflammation in the body, leading to better health overall.
  • Improved sleep quality — CBD can help improve sleep quality.

6. How Much CBD Should I Take?

The right amount of CBD depends on you. It is best to experiment with the dosage until you find one that works best for your body. You may start at a low dosage and slowly increase it as needed.

7. How Long Does it Take to Feel the Effects of CBD?

CBD usually takes effect within 20 minutes of taking it. However, the effects can last up to six hours or longer, depending on your body and your dosage.

8. Is CBD Legal?

In most states, CBD is legal as long as it comes from hemp with less than 0.03% THC content. There are some states where marijuana-derived CBD is legal. Check with your local law enforcement to see if CBD is legal in your area.

9. Can I Travel With CBD?

Yes, you may travel with CBD as long as it is legal in the states where you plan to visit. However, it should not exceed the THC limit of 0.03% or less and should be in a container no larger than 100ml.

Conclusion: Should You Buy from Black Tie CBD?

Black Tie CBD could be your choice if you’re looking for a brand that offers only high-quality hemp products. This is not just known to provide the best hemp extracts, but it also has great customer service. The company’s staff is very responsive and helpful in answering any questions or concerns from customers. However, Black Tie CBD prices may be an issue for people on a tight budget.


CBD Clinic: Best Topicals Review (2022)

CBD Clinic is one of the many CBD brands that offer different products for people with CBD needs. This brand is popular among those who require pain relief associated with different conditions such as arthritis and back pains. But with all the CBD brands available, can CBD Clinic keep up with the more established names in CBD products? Find out through this review.

Company Details: CBD Clinic

This brand was launched in 2016. Its topicals were the first products to contain CBD but were FDA-approved. There is not too much information about the company on their website. But this brand is focused on producing CBD topicals specifically for pain relief. They have oils, ointments, creams, and patches.

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Benefits of CBD Clinic

CBD Clinic offers a lot of benefits to its customers. These are:

  • Free shipping for US orders
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on unopened products returned
  • Offers topicals for pain relief
  • Potency options available

Negatives of CBD Clinic

  • Limited product selection
  • Limited flavor options
  • Lacking important information on their website
  • Price is higher than other brands

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Where Does CBD Clinic Hemp Come From?

This brand uses hemp extracts from Charlotte’s Web, a company that offers CBD products and uses quality hemp.

Third-Party Testing

This brand has its products third-party tested for quality and potency. Its lab test results are posted on their website for viewing. However, the reports are not updated regularly. Their tests also do not cover checking for contaminants.


CBD Clinic is not transparent when it comes to its products’ ingredients and manufacturing process. The only information they post on their website is the CBD profile of each product, in terms of cannabinoid content. They do not mention where they get their hemp from or how they extract CBD from the plant.

Lab test results are posted on their website but are usually not updated regularly. Also, information about the company and its history is not available on the website.

CBD Clinic Reviews: Best Topicals in 2022

This brand is focused on providing its customers with topicals with different variants and potencies to choose from. Their products include:

1. Massage Cream

This cream-based analgesic is available in two sizes; 44g and 200g. It comes in three variants offering different potencies, ingredients, and benefits. You can choose from the Relax, Revive, and Ultimate Massage. It is water-based and non-greasy. The 44g tub contains 220mg CBD while the 200g jar has 900mg CBD content. This massage cream gives a cooling sensation when applied to the skin and does not leave a sticky residue.

2. Pain Relief Cream

This cream offers pain relief for different areas of the body. It is available in two sizes, 44g, and 200g. The cream has a fast-acting formula that penetrates deep into the skin to provide relief from pain, inflammation, and other symptoms. Its ingredients include hemp extracts, beeswax, and jojoba seed oil.

3. Pain Relief Oil

This oil is available in a 12oz bottle. It has a light scent for relaxation when applied to the skin. You can use it after or during your workout or massage session for pain relief from muscle aches, strains, and other symptoms of chronic illnesses. This product also has fast-acting effects that penetrate deep into the skin. CBD contents are not stated but contain hemp extracts and camphor for pain relief.

4. Pain Patches

CBD Clinic offers patches in boxes of 5 pieces. Each patch provides active and fast-acting pain relief from localized areas of the body for 8 hours. The website does not contain information on its CBD content. But these patches are said to be THC-free.

5. Pain Ointment

This ointment is available in a 44g jar. It has a thick and sticky texture that can be massaged into the skin. The ointment is meant for areas with severe pain, inflammation, and other chronic symptoms. It contains beeswax, hemp oil, and lavender oil. It contains 250mg CBD and has zero THC.

Where to Buy CBD Clinic Products in 2022

CBD Clinic products are available on the company website. When you visit their website, prices are only available when you register. Ordering directly from their website will give you information about the product and its availability. There are also a lot of online retail stores that offer these products.

The prices of this brand may be on the expensive side if compared to other brands. However, the company offers a variety of CBD products that cater to different needs. You can also choose from different potencies and variants to find the right product for you.

CBD Clinic Frequently Asked Questions

1. What products does CBD Clinic Offer?

CBD Clinic offers massage creams, pain relief oil, and patches. These products are available in different sizes and potencies to cater to the needs of their customers. Their products provide fast-acting effects that penetrate deep into the skin or muscles for localized pain relief from chronic illnesses like arthritis and other symptoms such as inflammation.

2. Can I return products from CBD Clinic?

Yes, you can return any product from CBD Clinic within 30 days of receipt. However, the buyer will shoulder the cost of shipping and handling. The package must also be unopened and unused for it to be eligible for a refund or exchange.

3. How do I get in contact with the company?

CBD Clinic can be contacted through its website or social media platforms. You can also email them with any questions or concerns you may have about their products. Phone number is also available on their website.

4. What’s the best product for me?

Choosing the right product depends on your needs and preferences. If you are looking for a topical treatment, then CBD Clinic offers creams, oils, and patches that provide fast-acting effects from chronic illnesses like arthritis or other symptoms such as inflammation. You can choose from different potencies depending on how much relief you want to experience with these products.

How to Avoid Sketchy CBD Brands

Now that the CBD industry is growing fast, it’s no surprise that there are many brands out there. It can be hard to tell which ones are legit and which ones aren’t because some companies don’t have a website or social media accounts. Here are tips for you to avoid sketchy CBD brands.

  • Do your research on each brand before buying anything. You can look up reviews online, ask friends and family members if they’ve tried it – or even better yet go in person to see what’s available at local stores around town before purchasing something new that might not be worth the money spent.
  • Make sure you’re getting a product from someone with experience. Many people are selling fake CBD brands on the internet, so make sure you’re buying from someone who knows what they’re doing.
  • Ask questions about how much CBD is in each bottle and what type of extraction process they use so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not this product will work for you.
  • Talk to your doctor about any medications or supplements that could interact with CBD products before taking them because some people have adverse reactions when combining these two things – especially those who use prescription drugs like blood thinners and antidepressants.

The CBD industry is booming, and with it comes a lot of sketchy brands that you should avoid. Do your research on each brand before buying anything to make sure you’re getting the best quality product for your money. And if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to the company directly.

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CBD 101

1. What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is one of many compounds found in cannabis plants. It’s been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce pain and inflammation associated with arthritis as well as other ailments such as anxiety and stress in people with PTSD or even cancer treatment side effects like nausea from chemo drugs (chemotherapy).

2. What does CBD do?

CBD is used medicinally to treat symptoms like anxiety disorders and chronic pain. It has also been investigated as an alternative treatment for cancer patients who experience nausea from their chemotherapy drugs (chemotherapy).

3. How long does it take before feeling the effects of CBD?

The effects can be felt within 30 minutes up to an hour after taking the CBD.

4. What’s the best dose of CBD?

The dose of CBD you need may vary depending on the severity of your symptoms. Start with a lower dose and increase it gradually until you find the right one for you.

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Conclusion: CBD Clinic Best Topical Review

CBD Clinic is a brand that offers topicals that contain CBD or hemp extracts. The products range from creams to balms and oils, which you can use for pain relief or other ailments such as inflammation. They have different potencies depending on what type of relief you need – so make sure to ask your doctor about these items before using them if necessary.

The lack of information on some of these products makes it hard for customers to know exactly what they’re getting when buying from CBD Clinic. The price is also an issue for some customers. If you are a customer who needs pertinent information about the company and its products, then this may not be the right brand for you.


Plain Jane CBD Top Products and Review 2022

Looking for an honest, no-nonsense review of Plain Jane CBD? Here’s a look at the good, the bad, and everything in between. So, let’s get started.

Key Takeaways: Is This Company Reputable?

Rating: 8 / 10

Plain Jane CBD is a highly reputable company that has been in business for years. They have an excellent reputation among customers and are known for their high-quality products. They provide potent but affordable CBD products, so their products continue to get positive reviews from users and customers.

Pros & Cons

Plain Jane CBD will always have its plus and minus points. Here are some of the key pros and cons:


  • High-quality products
  • Affordable prices
  • Potent CBD formulas
  • Products are third-party tested
  • Uses quality US-grown hemp
  • Has CBD flowers and pre-rolls on their list
  • Free shipping for orders more than $30


  • Only ships to the US
  • Customer service is reachable through email only
  • Only accepts unused and unopened products for returns

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1. Top Rated Product: Plain Jane CBD Flower

This product is what made Plain Jane popular. Many people want to try the flower before anything else. Best of all, their CBD flowers are of high quality as they source them from local farms that ensure quality and potency.

These flowers come in different strains, making them a good choice for those looking to enjoy the flavor and different effects while getting CBD at the same time. They come in different sizes so you can purchase what you need.

You can consume these flowers by either vaping or smoking them. Their low scent makes them especially popular since these are rare.

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2. Runner-Up Product: Plain Jane Tinctures

Almost all CBD companies have CBD tinctures in their product list. But what makes Plain Jane special is that you can choose whether you want full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate. These also come in different potencies and flavors, so you can choose the one that you need.

What we like about their tinctures is that they are very affordable. It is also easy to use as you just need to put a few drops under your tongue and wait for it to take effect. Some people add it to their favorite drinks or food.

Other Products Offered by Plain Jane CBD

If those two options don’t sound like a good fit, here are some other products Plain Jane offers.

Plain Jane CBD Vape Carts

These vape carts are pre-filled with CBD oil and come in different flavors. You can choose from Blue Dream, Gorilla Glue, and others. Each cart contains 750 mg full-spectrum CBD.

The good thing about these carts is that they are easy to use. You just need to attach it to your favorite vape pen, and you’re ready to go.

Plain Jane CBD Capsules

If you don’t want to take the tincture or vape oil, then you can also take the capsules. These are filled with 25 mg CBD each and come in a bottle of 180 capsules.

The good thing about these capsules is that they are vegan and gluten-free. They are also easy to swallow, and you can take them with or without food.

Plain Jane CBD Topicals

These topicals are perfect for those who have skin problems and come in different formulas such as pain cream, muscle rub, and others.

They can effectively relieve pain and inflammation and work well on tired muscles. You just need to apply them to the affected area and wait for it to take effect.

6. Plain Jane CBD Gummies

Plain Janes’s CBD gummies are perfect if you want to discreetly enjoy the benefits of CBD. You just need to eat them and wait for it to take effect, about an hour. Each bottle comes with 80 gummies, and each gummy contains 25 mg CBD. These taste great and come in mixed berry flavors.

Will Plain Jane Deliver to Me?

The company only ships to the US. But they offer free shipping for orders more than $30. You just need to provide your zip code, and the product you want to purchase will be added to your cart.

Does Plain Jane Publish Third-Party Testing? Why Is This Important?

Yes, the company does do third-party testing, and you can find these reports on their website. The third-party lab test results show the potency and the purity of their CBD products. This is important because it assures customers that they are getting what they paid for.

Are There Any Discounts for Plain Jane CBD?

The company comes up with discounts and coupons every now and then. You just need to check on their website for updates.

Price Comparison: Are Plain Jane Products Worth It?

Yes, the products offered by Plain Jane CBD are worth it. They come in a variety of potency levels and flavors. You can also choose whether you want full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate. Their pricing is also very affordable — you don’t have to shell out huge amounts of money just to have high-quality CBD products.

When ordering the products, it is better to go directly to their company website. You can also find their products on other online platforms, but you have to be careful when buying from third-party sellers as they might not be selling the original product.

Which Product is Best for Me?

The best product for you really depends on your needs and preferences. If you want something easy to use, then vape carts or capsules are a good choice. If you’re looking for something that can help relieve pain and inflammation, then the topicals work well. And if you just want to enjoy the benefits of CBD discreetly or need a portable option, then the gummies are perfect.

No matter what product you choose, make sure you read the label and the dosage carefully. Start with a low dose and increase it gradually until you find the right amount for you.

Best Alternative Brands

Plain Jane is good, but it’s not the only company out there. Here are a few more places you can try.

1. Savage CBD

This company offers a wide range of CBD products and is also transparent about its third-party testing results.

2. Hemp Bombs

This brand is known for its high-quality CBD products. They offer a variety of CBD products such as vape oils, gummies, and others.

3. NuLeaf Naturals

This company offers a wide range of CBD products. Most of their products also have lots of positive reviews from customers.

Cannabis Questions: Answered

Here’s more information about CBD, in case you have concerns or just want to know more.

1. Will CBD Make Me High?

CBD will not make you high. It is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that does not have the psychoactive effects of THC.

2. What’s the Difference Between CBD & THC?

CBD and THC are both cannabinoids. CBD is non-intoxicating, while THC is psychoactive. THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the “high” feeling associated with marijuana.

The other main difference is legality. CBD is legal as long as it’s from hemp. THC is not. Hemp products can only have up to 0.3% THC in them.

3. How Much CBD Should I Take?

The amount of CBD you should take really depends on your needs and preferences. You can start with a low dosage and increase it gradually until you find the right amount. It is always best to consult a doctor before starting any new supplement.

4. Does CBD Work for Pain?

CBD relieves pain by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for regulating pain, inflammation, and other functions.

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5. Does CBD Work for Anxiety?

CBD is known to help relieve anxiety by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating mood, stress, and anxiety. CBD can help reduce anxiety by increasing serotonin levels and interacting with cannabinoid receptors.

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6. Does CBD Work for Sleep?

CBD can help improve sleep by increasing melatonin levels and interacting with cannabinoid receptors. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating sleep, wakefulness, and other functions.

7. Is CBD Safe For Dogs?

Yes, CBD is safe for dogs. It can provide a number of benefits, such as relief from pain and anxiety. CBD can be given to dogs in the form of tinctures, capsules, or treats. Always consult with a veterinarian before giving your dog any new supplement.

Final Review: Should I Order from Plain Jane CBD?

After doing a thorough review, the answer is yes! Plain Jane CBD offers high-quality products at an affordable price. They are transparent about their third-party testing results and offer a wide range of CBD products. Their customer service is also excellent, and they offer free shipping on orders over $30.00.