Purple Afghani Strain Review

The Purple Afghani Kush Marijuana Strain is a cannabis strain that has been bred by the legends at Emerald Triangle Seeds. The genetics of this marijuana strain consists of an Indica dominant hybrid with Afghan and Hindu Kush parentage. This potent bud is as purple as its name would suggest and will leave you feeling like royalty. Its heavy body high can be best appreciated after a long day or during those moments when you’re looking to relax and forget about your worries for a while.

Purple Afghani Kush: What You Need to Know

Strain Parents/Origin

Purple Afghani Kush Marijuana Strain originated from Emerald Triangle Seeds. It is the result of Afghani and Hindu Kush cross-breeding. This means that it can be classified as an Indica dominant hybrid.

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Aroma and Appearance

Purple Afghani Kush is dusted with purple leaves and covered in fine white crystal resin. Its leaves are so purple that they appear black, while the buds of this strain are purple and green in color. It has a pungent sweet aroma that is similar to berries, grapes, or candy with an earthy tone.

This purple marijuana strain is one of the most unique-looking buds around today. The purpling starts at the plant’s stem and slowly creeps up to its purple-colored nugs. These purple buds are hairs-covered, dense little flowers created by the strain’s purple Afghani Kush genetics. And it doesn’t stop there -this potent purple weed is hugged in shimmering white crystals, which emit a powerful scent in the air when squished between your fingers. It has an earthy, spicy smell that is tinged with notes of berry sweetness.

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Taste and Flavor

It tastes slightly sweet and pungent. There is a spicy, almost peppery aftertaste. Purple Afghani Kush is smooth smoke that coats the palate with a sweet purple taste.

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Purple Afghani Marijuana Strain Effects on Users

Purple Afghani Kush’s effects can be described as purple, purple, or purple. They have a very purple color, similar to the plant’s genetics. Its euphoric mood is characterized by a sense of elation and energy that will last you throughout your day. This marijuana strain creates a purple haze in users’ heads, which usually results in a feeling of extreme happiness and relaxation, making it perfect for those moments when you finally want to kick back at home after a long hard day.

It also leaves users with increased focus and creativity, which makes it easier to get things done around the house or even complete difficult tasks at work. This purple weed strain will keep you going until everything has been completed.

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THC Content

The THC content in the purple afghani kush marijuana strain is between 16-22% on average. This purple bud’s high THC levels are what make this purple weed so special. The high begins with a feeling of cerebral euphoria as purple Afghani Kush cannabis affects users instantly feel happy and uplifted. The purple haze starts behind your eyes and creeps up until it takes over the whole brain, causing an instant state of relaxation that will leave you stress-free for hours to come. You’ll also notice how social this purple marijuana strain makes you feel, which may result in constantly talking about everything and nothing at all.


The onset of the high from this purple bud will occur in a few minutes up to an hour which is pretty fast for most purple strains.


The effects generally last around 3 hours on average.

Does the Purple Afghani Have Medicinal Benefits?

In addition to the purple marijuana strain’s purple Afghani effects, purple weed is also useful for relieving stress and anxiety, diminishing depression, and eliminating insomnia. Purple Afghani Kush is a purple solution for those who need help sleeping after a long day of work or studying. It allows users to drift off into a purple haze that leaves them feeling relaxed and calm the next morning despite lack of sleep. Apart from purple Afghani Kush’s purple euphoria-inducing effects, purple buds are also used as pain relief, especially when dealing with arthritis, inflammation, and migraines. In addition, purple buds can be taken as an anti-nausea medication.

Adverse Effects of the Purple Afghani Strain

The purple Afghani Kush’s negative effects are mild and also include dry mouth and eyes, along with headaches that can be easily remedied by staying hydrated and getting enough sleep. Its purple Afghani Kush high is said to make users giggly at times which may cause them to lose focus while performing tasks anytime during the day or even take part in conversations distractedly.

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How to Consume Purple Afghani Kush?

This strain can be consumed in a myriad of ways, including but not limited to: smoking in either hand-rolled joints or in blunts, vaporizing the buds, and ingesting orally when mixed into edibles.

Growing Purple Afghani Kush 

Growing, Processing Time, and Yield

Purple Afghani Kush weed plants are typically ready for harvest in 8-9 weeks when grown indoors, whereas they take between 10 to 11 weeks when they’re grown outdoors. This purple strain’s yield depends on where its growing conditions, but it can be expected to give up to 1/2 pound (0.28 ounces) per indoor plant or even more outdoor plants, according to user reports. Purple Afghani Kush marijuana strain is normally easier to grow than other types of gorilla glue seeds which makes it perfect for beginners who want to try their hand at growing cannabis for the first time.


Purple Afghani Kush is a fantastic strain that can be enjoyed in many different ways. If you want to find out more about this marijuana, let us know! We are here for all your cannabis needs, and we’ll gladly answer any questions you have. What type of weed do you like the most?

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