Jet Fuel Strain Effects & Benefits: Cannabis Review

If you smoke cannabis, you may have a variety of strains to pick from. Have you ever heard of the jet fuel strain? This is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has gained popularity due to its unusual effects. If you’re curious about what it can offer and whether or not this strain belongs in your local dispensary, keep reading as we go through the effects, growing characteristics, and therapeutic applications of this cannabis strain in depth.

What is the Jet Fuel Strain?

The Jet Fuel strain is a cross between Skunk and Rocket Fuel. It is well-known for having powerful and long-lasting effects. People who use this strain claim that they don’t feel much right after smoking it, but that the high hits them like a ton of bricks soon after. When compared to other cannabis strains, the euphoric effects can continue for 3 to 4 hours.

The Jet Fuel strain can also help you stay awake, making it a suitable choice for daytime consumption. Furthermore, because of its joyful and euphoric qualities, this strain can help those who are depressed.

This strain is beneficial for people who wish to feel peaceful and relaxed. People who have had a hard day can use this tension to relax and enjoy themselves. However, because the Jet Fuel strain encourages alertness, it is not suited for consumers who wish to fall asleep immediately.

Smell and Taste

Jet Fuel has earthy and woodsy undertones. The Skunk and Rocket Fuel strains add a tinge of sweetness to the mix. When you sniff this strain, you’ll notice piney undertones, as well as a pungent, skunky aroma.

Jet Fuel, on the other hand, has smelled like pepper, incense, and pine that you can detect. This strain’s smoke has a spicy aftertaste.

Look and Texture

This strain has the texture and appearance of dry, stemmed pine needles. The green leaves are light green in hue and have amber pistils that protrude from the buds.


There are components in Jet Fuel that can make you feel euphoric and cheerful. This also means there’s a potential you’ll become paranoid if you use this cannabis strain.

Users who have tried the Jet Fuel strain claim that it gives them a sensation of well-being. They claim that when they’re high on this marijuana strain, they feel happier and more energized. In addition to these effects, consumers report that the Jet Fuel strain makes them feel creative.

Jet Fuel is also recognized for its soothing properties. When utilizing the Jet Fuel strain, people who were experiencing anxiety or stress reported feeling calmer. At the same time, people claim that after smoking this cannabis strain, their ideas are clearer and they can focus on work more readily.

There are further advantages to adopting the Jet Fuel strain other than these two outcomes. Users of this marijuana seed, for example, report feeling focused and productive when under its effect. This cannabis strain also gives off a happy vibe, making it easier to mingle with others.

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Grow Details on the Jet Fuel Strain

Indoor and outdoor cultivation are both possible with this marijuana strain. It grows well in practically all types of growth mediums, so you may grow it in soil or hydroponically.

The Jet Fuel strain has a respectable output of 500 grams per square meter, making it a fantastic alternative for those looking for a high-yielding cannabis strain. You can plant 18 or more seeds per square meter in the soil and collect them when they are ready to ensure a successful harvest.

If you wish to cultivate this plant inside, you should let it flower for 7 to 9 weeks after it has sprouted. Keep in mind that the plant can reach a height of 2 meters during this time.

You must trim the plant after 6 weeks of flowering if you want to harvest high-quality cannabis. If you wait too long, the buds will become excessively dense, which is undesirable when harvesting your crop.

The Jet Fuel strain is of sufficient quality for you to reap its benefits. After harvesting the buds, you can use them to make edibles or dry sift hash.

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Medical Benefits of Jet Fuel Strain

For those suffering from depression, the Jet Fuel strain is ideal. When you use this cannabis seed, you will feel happier and more optimistic because it has ingredients that can elevate your mood.

Because of the soothing benefits of this marijuana seed, users report feeling less stressed after taking it. A user also stated that after taking the Jet Fuel strain, they felt less apprehensive, allowing them to feel more at ease in social situations.

Another reason why this cannabis seed is a suitable choice for medical purposes is the mental clarity it provides. Users have reported that they were able to concentrate on their jobs and complete them, resulting in improved job performance.

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Negative Effects of Jet Fuel Strain

When consuming this cannabis seed, you may experience certain negative effects, like with all marijuana strains. There will be moments when the plant’s psychoactive effects cause moderate hallucinations. Depending on your personality, these may or may not trigger paranoia. Another negative effect described by some users after consuming this marijuana strain is dizziness.

It’s also likely that using this cannabis seed will cause you to have a dry mouth. If cotton-mouth isn’t your thing, there are a few alternative solutions to consider. There are also cannabis strains that help to keep the lips moist.

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THC and CBD Levels

The Jet Fuel strain is recognized for having strong THC and CBD levels. According to research on the quantities of cannabinoids in this strain, it has roughly 21% THC, with traces of CBD accounting for 0.24 percent.

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This is one of your greatest options if you’re looking for a high-performance marijuana seed. It’s a great option not just because it contains a lot of THC, but also because of the benefits it has on the mind and body. You can utilize it to increase your productivity while also improving your mood.


Lemon Thai Kush Strain & Benefits: Cannabis Review

Lemon Thai Kush is a potent, cerebral strain of cannabis. Its sweet and sour lemony flavor is both refreshing and stimulating. A great daytime smoke, Lemon Thai Kush, leaves you feeling uplifted and creative with its high THC levels.

Lemon Thai Kush Information

The strain is a cross between Lemon Joy and OG Kush. It got its name from the green citrus taste that lingers in your mouth once you’ve exhaled.

Lemon Thai Kush was created in 2004 in Amsterdam and became available to patients in California in 2005.

The effects of this strain are mostly cerebral, thanks to its high THC content; the energetic feeling will keep you going throughout the day. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties that will help with any chronic pains or aches. However, because of its Sativa qualities, this Lemon Thai Kush strain causes users’ minds to wander into philosophical or creative thought – which could be distracting if you have something you need to attend to.

What does Lemon Thai Smell like?

This strain smells like lemons but also has a woody smell underneath.

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What is the Taste of Lemon Thai?

The taste of Lemon Thai is a mixture of lemons and skunks with a slight minty undertone. It has a very invigorating and refreshing flavor that is super enjoyable to smoke.

How does Lemon Thai ​look?

Lemon Thai has extremely dense and well-developed buds. It is a bright green color with spots of darker green and even some hints of purple. The bud structure is very tight and crystally giving it that classic high-THC look.

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Lemon Thai Effects On User

THC Content

Lemon Thai’s high is extremely cerebral. It has heavy effects on the mind, making it great for daytime use when you need to be productive and creative. The strain is also perfect for treating pain, nausea, and sleepiness.

Onset and Duration

The onset of Lemon Thai is very fast; only a few minutes after smoking, you will begin to feel it.

On average, the effects of this strain last about two hours. However, if you smoke smaller doses more frequently, the high stays with you for much longer.

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Does Lemon Thai have any medical benefits?

The strain has many medical benefits. The cerebral high makes it effective for treating stress, anxiety, and depression. It also combats feelings of nausea caused by sickness or general malaise. You can also use this strain to improve your appetite if you are recovering from a serious illness.

Lemon Thai Kush can be useful in treating chronic pain, diabetes, glaucoma, Crohn’s Disease, and PTSD.

However, the strain is only recommended for patients with low to moderate levels of pain. It may exacerbate more intense aches and pains rather than help them go away.

Does Lemon Thai have any side effects?

As with all strains of cannabis, there is some risk associated with smoking marijuana – even if it’s organic! For Most people, the main side effect is dry mouth. Side effects of using Lemon Thai include:

Dry Mouth As with all cannabis, the strain has a chance to cause cottonmouth and dry eyes. This can be easily alleviated by drinking a lot of water and staying hydrated!

Headaches – Smoking any marijuana strain could lead to headaches, especially if you are new to smoking or have been smoking for a while without taking a break. If this happens, just know that it will eventually go away after your body adjusts!

Dizziness – Similar to headaches, dizziness is common when starting off smoking marijuana for some people. It’s not harmful, but it certainly isn’t fun, so just take it slow until you feel comfortable!

Lack of Focus – Because this strain is so cerebral, it can cause some people to lose focus while smoking. For this reason, I would not recommend using it while you are studying or working on a project that requires 100% of your attention.

A negative aspect of Lemon Thai is that it’s so potent that new smokers should be cautious about the amount they use because over-consumption will lead to dizziness and headaches. That being said, if you are experienced in smoking marijuana, then you’ll love this strain!

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What are other names for Lemon Thai?

Lemon Thai is also known as Lemon Kush, Lemongrass, and Thin Mint.

Lemon Thai Consumption Method

Lemon Thai can be used in many different ways, whether you’re vaping it using a dry herb vaporizer or smoking it using bongs and joints/pipes. This marijuana strain is easy enough for beginners to learn how to use properly but still strong enough for veteran smokers looking to get something special out of their smoke session.

How can I grow Lemon Thai Weed Strain?

Lemon Thai is a relatively easy strain to grow. If you are a beginner, it can take about two months for the plants to flower and be ready for harvest, but if you’re an experienced grower, you can cut this time down by about a month.

The Lemon Thai strain is a good option for indoor growers because it gives amazing yields indoors.

  • You should cut your Lemon Thai plants in half after they have been growing for two weeks, so they produce at least two stalks from each plant instead of just one. This will produce thicker buds!
  • You need to trim off large leaves before harvesting your weed because these leaves pull moisture from the buds and prevent them from getting as big as possible. This is also a good time to remove all large stalks to make sure you don’t accidentally cut anything that could be used.
  • Harvest your Lemon Thai plants when the trichomes turn from clear to an amber color. This will ensure you get the highest THC content possible!
  • Drying your weed isn’t too difficult – just set up a fan to blow on it every day until it’s dry enough to smoke. You should also use air-tight containers with lids to store them in for longer periods of time.

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By and large,

This strain is perfect for those who want to have a mellow high that lasts the whole day. If you’re looking for an energizing and uplifting type of high, this product might not be what you’re expecting. However, if you don’t mind having a lower level of THC or are seeking something with more CBD content, then Lemon Thai Kush may just be your new favorite marijuana product! What other strains have you tried? Let us know in the comments below!


Super Sour Diesel Kush Strain & Benefits: Cannabis Review

With so many cannabis strains on the market, it may be hard to know which one is best for you. However, if you’re looking for a potent indica that will leave your mind and body feeling relaxed and sleepy then Super Sour Diesel Kush is perfect for you. This popular strain has an earthy aroma with hints of sweet citrus that’s sure to please any connoisseur.

Super Sour Diesel Kush Information

The super sour diesel kush strain is extremely effective at easing both body and mind. Many users report feeling pain relief and stress reduction, not to mention significant nausea relief. This super high-yielding plant has super sticky buds and produces super high yields of super potent cannabis goodness! Moreover, this bud is super easy to grow indoors or outdoors!

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What do Super Sour Diesel ​Smell like

Super Sour Diesel has an earthy aroma that’s filled with sweet citrus undertones. This super-potent indica is sure to please any cannabis connoisseur’s nose, making it a good choice for those looking to stay medicated throughout the day while still functioning.

What is the Taste of Super Sour Diesel?

Super Sour Diesel offers a sweet, citrusy taste that’s super pungent and super potent. If you can handle super-high THC levels, this is an excellent choice for spicing up any day.

How does Super Sour Diesel look?

This strain has super dense, heavily frosted nugs that are dark green in color with orange hairs and super sticky resin.

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Super Sour Diesel Effects on users

The super-powerful effects of super sour diesel will leave you sedated and relaxed with feelings of blissful happiness that even the most troubled soul can find peace in. However, this strain isn’t recommended for daytime use as it’ll cause drowsiness to set in within just 20 minutes.

THC Content– Highest Recorded

Super Sour Diesel has an average level of THC at 21-25%. This super-potent strain is sure to please any cannabis connoisseur’s taste buds, making it a good choice for those looking to stay medicated throughout the day while still functioning.

Onset & Duration

This strain has super powerful indica effects that set in within 15 minutes and last for hours.

Does Super Sour Diesel ​have any medical benefits?

Yes. Although the super sour diesel strain is recommended for evening and nighttime use, it has several medical benefits to offer. It eases feelings of nausea and is great for those suffering from PTSD or insomnia. It’s also recommended for those looking to treat chronic pain, muscle spasms, depression, and eating disorders.

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Does Super Sour Diesel ​have any side effects?

Super Sour Diesel, just like any strain, has several side effects to watch out for. Although this super strain is super potent, it usually only causes dry mouth and bloodshot eyes in over half of the users who smoke it. However, if you’re super sensitive to THC then this bud can cause anxiety or paranoia, headaches, and dizziness.

What are other names for Super Sour Diesel?

This bud is also known as super diesel and super x.

Where Does The Super Sour Diesel ​Come From

This bud dates back to the 1990s and was developed by Lawrence Ringo of Southern Humboldt Seed Collective. It has roots in Chemdawg 91 genetics from Colorado’s undisclosed location.

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​Consumption Method

Super Sour Diesel is super versatile no matter how you choose to consume it. Whether you prefer smoking or vaping flowers or concentrates, there’s something for everyone’s taste buds who enjoy indica-heavy strains!

Super Sour Diesel Weed Strain Grow Info

Super Sour Diesel Kush can grow up to 19 feet tall indoors and out, making it a great choice for novice growers looking for a super-easy strain to take on. This indica dominant strain is super easy to maintain and requires minimal care throughout its vegetative state in order to produce super-dense nugs that are super sticky with super high THC levels when grown properly.

Flowering Time: 8 weeks

Yield: Moderate/High

Height: Between 5′-20′

Growing Difficulty: Easy

Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor

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By and large,

If you’re looking for a potent indica that will have your head spinning, Super Sour Diesel is a perfect choice. With an earthy aroma and sweet citrus undertones, this cannabis strain won’t disappoint any connoisseur, making it great for those who want to stay medicated throughout the day without sacrificing their ability to function. What type of strains do you prefer? Let us know!


9 Possible Reasons Why CBD Is Not Working For You

CBD seems to be a miracle drug for many people, but there are some instances when it doesn’t work. This blog post will explore possible reasons why CBD is not working and how you can get back on track with using this fantastic product!

CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol. It’s extracted from the cannabis plant, sometimes referred to as marijuana. CBD oil has been in the news recently because of its ability to help people with medical ailments without producing a “high.” CBD also has few side effects when compared with many prescription medications currently on the market today.

Many scientific studies are being done to discover the benefits of using CBD in conjunction with cancer treatments, mental illnesses such as PTSD, chronic pain, and skincare. There are many success stories available online about people who have used CBD products successfully for these conditions and more!

While it seems simple enough that if you have a severe medical problem, you should supplement your diet with CBD, it’s not always the case. CBD oil is only one of many tools you can use to help with medical problems. So, if it isn’t working for you, here are some reasons why:

CBD Oil Is Not Always The Solution

1) “It Ain’t For Everyone!”

CBD is a cannabinoid. There are several cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, with CBD being one of them.

Some people have cannabinoid sensitivities or allergies. You may not know if you’re sensitive to THC or other ingredients in the cannabis plant until you try supplementation with CBD oil. If it’s not working for you, it may be that you can’t process CBD oil.

2) It Doesn’t Work For Your Condition!

Many people who take CBD don’t realize it doesn’t work for all conditions. CBD is a cannabinoid and only works for issues related to the cannabinoid receptors in the body. If your condition isn’t listed below, try another method of treatment:

– Sleep Issues: Not enough research has been done to conclude whether CBD helps with sleep disorders like insomnia and REM behavior disorder. However, THC relieves pain which makes it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.

– Mood Disorders: CBD affects serotonin receptors in the brain, which regulate mood and behavior. However, it’s not always a given that CBD will help with disorders like anxiety and bipolar disorder. This may be because your conditions produce symptoms that are separate from the cannabinoid or endocannabinoid system (ECS). For this, you might need to take an antidepressant medication if you do not produce enough serotonin naturally, as is the case with those who have been diagnosed with depression.

– Pain and inflammation: CBD works with the ECS to decrease inflammation and pain. However, this is not always the case for people suffering from autoimmune diseases like arthritis or sickle cell anemia. These conditions cause chronic pain, so you will probably need to supplement your diet with other anti-inflammatory medications if you want relief.

– Cancer: There are promising signs that CBD could be effective at treating cancerous tumors by inhibiting the division of cells and activating apoptosis (cell death). However, there is also evidence that cannabinoids may promote tumor growth in some types of cancers! The National Cancer Institute cautions anyone thinking about using cannabinoids for their personal health treatment options.

3) You Have A Problem With Your Dosage

It’s important that you get your dosage right if you’re going to supplement with CBD oil. It is suggested for users to start off slow and increase the dose gradually until they see a benefit from taking it or know that it doesn’t work for them.

To get the right dosage, some users try to start off with a small dose and increase it gradually, while others may start out big and decrease the dosage if they don’t see an improvement.

Once you find the perfect dose of CBD, you can always choose to continue increasing the dosage if you want to get a bigger benefit.

4) You’re Using The Wrong Brand For Your Condition

There are many different brands of CBD oil available for purchase. Some of them have more beneficial ingredients than others, or they could be lacking in some areas that you need! Here is how some of the top brands compare:

– Royal CBD: Uses organic hemp grown in Colorado. Their products are free of pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, and artificial ingredients. Royal CBD has a full-spectrum CBD oil which is excellent for many conditions because it does not contain THC or any other cannabinoids that could cause you to fail drug tests.

– Gold Bee CBD: Uses full-spectrum CBD oil with all the cannabinoids naturally found in hemp plants. They claim to provide good customer service, fast shipping, and quality products.

– Diamond CBD: Offers balms, tinctures, and e-liquids for vaping. Their oils are made from high-quality ingredients that are 100% organic and natural!

5) You Should Be Taking CBD Oil With A Full Stomach

CBD oil needs to be taken with food in order for your body to absorb it properly. This is because CBD oil is fat-soluble, meaning that it dissolves in fats. If you don’t eat anything before taking CBD oil, then the product will just pass through your body without being fully absorbed.

On an empty stomach, CBD oil will not be absorbed properly because it needs to dissolve in some sort of fat. The effectiveness of CBD oil will depend on many things but taking it with food is one of the biggest factors.

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6) It Isn’t Your Fault, CBD Oil Is Just Not Working For You

CBD oil isn’t always effective for everyone! This may be because your condition produces symptoms that are separate from the cannabinoid or endocannabinoid system (ECS). If your body does not produce enough serotonin naturally, for example, then you will likely need to take antidepressant medication.

CBD doesn’t work for everyone because there are multiple factors that influence the effectiveness of CBD oil. It may not be your fault if it does not work for you but it isn’t because of a problem with CBD oil either!

7) You Are Taking Too Much CBD Oil

It’s important to take an appropriate dosage for your condition because taking too much can have negative side effects. The National Cancer Institute listed the following as possible side effects:

– Low blood pressure

– Drowsiness

– Lightheadedness

– Nausea and vomiting

If you are taking CBD oil for pain, then too much may make your pain worse instead of better! You could try lowering your dosage or switching to a different product to avoid these negative side effects.

8) You Need More Time To See The Effects

It might take a while for the effects of CBD oil to start showing up. Your body needs to adjust to the cannabinoids and it takes time for this to happen. Why? Because cannabinoids affect your body by interacting with your endocannabinoid system (ECS).

CBD oil works by interacting with your endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is why it can take some time to determine if CBD oil will work for you. You need to give CBD oil for about two weeks in order to see the full effects of the product!

9) Your Condition Is Not Actually Relieved By CBD Oil

CBD oil can reduce inflammation, ease the pain associated with muscle spasms, and even possibly stop some seizures. But you might be on CBD oil simply because you think it will help your condition when really it doesn’t make a difference for your health.

CBD oil is helpful for many people who deal with pain, inflammation, and seizures. However, if you are taking CBD oil simply because you think it will help your condition even though that is not the case then there’s no reason to keep using it!

CBD is a great supplement for many conditions but it isn’t always effective. In this article, we’ve listed out 8 reasons why CBD oil may not be working for you and how to fix the problem so that your body can reap all of CBD’s benefits!

If any one of these factors applies to you, don’t give up hope just yet because there are ways to make CBD work better! Let us know if you have questions about which products might work best for your needs or want help figuring out what adjustments need to be made in order for your endocannabinoid system (ECS)to respond positively with cannabinoids like CBD.

We would love nothing more than to partner with you on creating an amazing marketing plan that works towards.


How Does CBD Oil Work for Nerve & Neuropathic Pain?

Nerve pain is a very common problem people deal with daily. It’s so common that over 50 million Americans are affected by it every year. This type of pain can affect any part of the body but most commonly occurs in the arms and legs. Symptoms usually include tingling, numbness, shooting pains, or burning sensations. Nerve pain can be caused by many factors, including diabetes and autoimmune diseases such as lupus or fibromyalgia.

How does CBD help to relieve neuropathic pain?

CBD can help by providing a calming effect on your nervous system while also nourishing and healing your skin from beneath the surface. CBDs work by creating a chemical reaction in your body that leads to an anti-inflammatory response which then reduces nerve pain.

CBD Benefits

CBD is a natural extract from the hemp plant that provides you with all of its benefits without getting you high. It’s non-toxic and works for many people. CBD can be used to treat many different medical conditions such as:

  • Multiple Sclerosis – CBD can lessen the effects of MS by reducing muscle spasms, pain, and depression.
  • Cancer – CBD has been shown to stop cancer cells from spreading throughout the body, especially in the brain and liver, because it’s highly concentrated in these areas.
  • Diabetes – CBD can regulate insulin production, which keeps blood sugar levels stable to prevent nerve damage that causes diabetic neuropathy.
  • Arthritis – CBD reduces swelling while relieving stiffness & soreness associated with arthritis.
  • Digestive Disorders – CBD eases symptoms of IBS by reducing pain and overall inflammation. CBD also helps to normalize stool movement & improve muscle spasms.

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What is the root cause of Neuropathic Pain?

The root cause of nerve pain is damage to the myelin sheath, which protects your nerves. When you have nerve pain, this protective layer of insulation gets worn down, leading to tingling, numbness, and burning sensations.

Treatment options for neuropathic pain

There are many medications on the market to treat nerve pain, such as:

Tricyclic Antidepressants – These are the most common type of antidepressants prescribed for nerve pain. They work by affecting serotonin & norepinephrine levels in your brain to reduce depression and anxiety while also increasing your tolerance to pain.

Gabapentin – This is an anti-epileptic medication that’s used for many different types of chronic pain, including neuropathy. It works by calming the nerves in the peripheral nervous system, which reduces numbness, tingling, & burning sensations.

Pregabalin – This drug, also known as Lyrica, is a prescription anticonvulsant. It’s typically prescribed for people with nerve pain caused by diabetes or shingles.

But CBD is a non-toxic, natural alternative that works quickly without any side effects.

CBD Product List & Benefits for treating nerve pain


CBD Oil is known to be one of the best ways to relieve nerve pain. It’s quickly absorbed by your body and has no side effects. You can use this product topically or orally, depending on how you prefer to take it.


  • Easy to take – You can take CBD oil as a capsule or put it under your tongue for fast relief.
  • Quick results – Most users experience pain relief in as little as 20 minutes after using this product.
  • All-natural ingredients – This is an all-natural anti-inflammatory that won’t cause any adverse reactions if you’re sensitive to other medications or treatments.

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are another great way to relieve nerve pain with CBD oil. Each capsule contains 30mg of CBD and has no THC, so you’ll still be able to pass a drug test if necessary.


  • Easy to take – You can swallow these capsules whole or open the capsule and pour the oil into your hand for topical relief.
  • Fast relief – Most users experience pain relief in as little as 20 minutes after using this product for chronic or acute pain.
  • All-natural ingredients – This is an all-natural anti-inflammatory that won’t cause any adverse reactions if you’re sensitive to other medications or treatments.


  • May cause side effects – Some people have reported feeling groggy or having digestive discomfort after taking CBD oil. Make sure you only take the recommended dosage on the bottle for best results.

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are another great way to relieve nerve pain because they penetrate the skin and absorb into the affected area directly. CBD creams provide quick relief without needing to be absorbed by your digestive system first.


  • Faster relief than capsules or oil – Users typically feel better within 5 minutes of applying this cream topically to swollen areas, like arthritic joints or sore muscles.
  • Quickest results – Most users experience pain relief in as little as 2 hours after using this product.
  • All-natural ingredients – This is an all-natural anti-inflammatory that won’t cause any adverse reactions if you’re sensitive to other medications or treatments.


  • No oral consumption – You can’t take CBD oil orally, so you won’t have the option to relieve pain with this topical cream.
  • Smell & greasiness – Some users have reported smelling a strong hemp odor or feeling that the cream leaves behind an oily residue after using it. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after applying the cream.

CBD Tincture

If you need fast relief from nerve pain, CBD tincture is one of your best options. It’s an easy way to get large doses of CBD in liquid form so it can be absorbed easily by your body for quick pain relief.


  • Very easy to take – You only need to take a few drops of this product under your tongue and hold it there for 30 seconds before swallowing for maximum absorption into your bloodstream.
  • Fast-acting – Most users experience pain relief in as little as 20 minutes after using this product.


  • Dosage strength may be difficult to control – Make sure you purchase a CBD oil dropper and measure the exact dosage of CBD before taking it for best results.
  • Some side effects reported – Some users have reported feeling groggy or having digestive discomfort after taking CBD oil. Make sure you only take the recommended dosage on the bottle for best results.

CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies are an easy way for you to get your CBD to fix every day if you’re not a fan of taking pills or oils. Each bottle usually contains 30 gummies that can be taken daily as needed for pain relief, giving you the option to take them whenever you need them without feeling guilty or lazy.


  • It tastes great-like sour candy – CBD gummies don’t have an unpleasant taste like many hemp products.
  • Relieves pain faster than other CBD products – Most users report feeling relief within 10 minutes of taking the product.
  • It can be taken anywhere at any time – No need to worry about an embarrassing moment if you can’t find a place to take your medication. Gummies are discreet and easy to carry around with you whenever needed.


  • It contains 5mg of hemp oil per serving which is less than other CBD products on this list.
  • It does contain a small amount of sugar, but if you prefer a sweetened option, gummies are a great choice.

CBD Spray

CBD spray is another great way to get quick relief from pain & tension while also being discreet about where you use it. Simply spray the formula directly onto the area where you’re feeling discomfort for fast relief that won’t leave you feeling groggy or sleepy.


  • Fast-acting with little to no side effects – Users typically feel better within 5 minutes of using this product, and there are almost no side effects reported from users.
  • Works well on the go – You can take CBD oil spray anywhere, so it’s a great option when you need fast relief from pain without worrying about time restrictions.
  • All-natural – Contains 10mg of hemp oil per serving which is a high enough dosage for most people to experience some form of pain relief in just a few minutes after taking this product.


  • Contains less hemp oil than other products on this list, with 10mg per serving.
  • No oral consumption – You can’t use this product sublingually or orally; you have to spray it on the area where you feel pain for best results.

Potential Side Effects

Some users have reported side effects after using CBD products such as:

  • Stomach discomfort
  • Dry mouth
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • It’s important to remember that these side effects are rare and typically only experienced if you take too much of the product.

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All things considered,

CBD Oil is a natural and effective way to reduce nerve pain. We hope you’ve found this article helpful in understanding how CBD works for those who suffer from neuropathic pain, as well as the benefits of different types of cannabidiol products that can be used on their own or together with other treatments like opioids. Please leave us your thoughts and questions about our topic below!


Does CBD Work for PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)?

A lot of people have been suffering from PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This condition came from events that happen in one’s life; some examples of these events are exposure to war and violence, physical or sexual abuse, and natural disasters.

When people go through traumatic experiences, they might have problems coping with reality, and it can even cause them to suppress certain emotions. Because of this, these people are unable to deal with their daily lives efficiently. They become paranoid or anxious when they are in social gatherings or groups because of the memories they have.

PTSD can be treated with different methods. One known method is by using CBD for PTSD. Aside from CBD, there are other natural treatments that patients can choose like yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, or medications.

How Can CBD for PTSD Help in the Treatment?

CBD works by attaching to cannabinoid receptors in the brain and activating them. This activates the neurons that cause the feeling of intense pleasure and reduced anxiety. It also decreases pain signals that can be painful for PTSD patients when they are recalling traumatic events.

It will help in the PTSD treatment as it can help in reducing the amount of cortisol in one’s body, which is a stress hormone that increases during PTSD episodes. It can also help in decreasing adrenaline levels so that people with PTSD will have fewer nightmares and other symptoms associated with it. CBD will also help by preventing the activation of neurons that cause fear to be remembered.

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What Benefits Can You Get from CBD for PTSD?

The benefits that you can get from CBD will occur if you take it properly with the right dose. CBD will have a positive effect on your sleep. This means that you will have fewer nightmares and not as much anxiety at nighttime, which makes it easier to fall asleep.

CBD can also help you in eating well. It can decrease nausea and vomiting episodes during the day so that you don’t have to feel sick all the time. With CBD, many people do not need to use as much medication and this is a great effect.

Other health benefits include its anti-inflammatory effect which can help in reducing pain. It will also have a positive effect on mood stabilization, so you won’t have to worry about feeling depressed or stressed out all the time.

CBD is known as one of the safest alternative medications because it does not have any serious health problems that come with it. CBD has other benefits that include helping manage epilepsy, diabetes, depression, acne, mental disorders like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, cancer pain, and the pain associated with multiple sclerosis.

How Safe is CBD for PTSD to Use

Safety is always a major concern of many people who are using CBD products. These CBD products are all safe and effective to use. It is because they contain natural ingredients. Also, CBD is non-addictive and non-psychoactive. You will never experience a sluggish feeling after waking up unlike the feeling that you can get from products with THC.

How to Know the Right Dose of CBD for PTSD?

CBD dosage is a critical part of the treatment. The dosage option you will choose will depend on your needs and the severity of your symptoms. Your dosage needs to be high enough to see the beneficial effects but not so high that it starts hurting you.

You can also consult with a doctor to help you know what CBD dose is best for you. The doctor knows exactly what type of CBD is best for you and how much you need to take. They will also be able to monitor your symptoms and see if any changes can be made.

The type of product will also affect your dose. CBD extracts and oils usually contain more CBD than regular flowers. If you use a product that contains pure CBD, then the dosage is relatively easy to determine.

THC or CBD for PTSD: Which One to Choose?

There are different forms of CBD and each one will have a different effect. If you want to be able to function normally and not feel any psychoactive effects, then you can choose pure CBD which has no THC in it. However, if you don’t mind the mild effects of CBD, then you can choose products that contain both THC and CBD.

How to Use CBD for PTSD Products?

As the method of intake, CBD can be taken in different ways. You can choose to use tinctures, oils, edibles, topicals, capsules, and vaping liquids. The recommended way is through the sublingual application so that it enters your bloodstream more quickly.

Different CBD products have different ways of usage. Some of them can be added to food and drinks while others need to be used in a vaporizer. You just have to follow the instructions that come with your CBD product and you will know exactly how to use it.

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Final Thoughts on CBD for PTSD

While CBD is effective for treating anxiety and stress, it may not be effective for everyone. This is why it’s best to consult your doctor about putting you on CBD before actually taking the dosage. The effects of CBD may vary depending on your symptoms. It is also possible that CBD can have adverse effects on your health if not taken the right way.

PTSD is a serious condition that can affect your daily life. It is best to get treatment right away. There are lots of CBD products to choose from in the market these days.