Three ugly truths about Pot Tours in Denver.

Three ugly truths about Pot Tours in Denver.

Everyone is excited about coming to Colorado to experience the great Marijuana experience. Some people choose to go it alone but many others are going on one of the many pot tours here in Denver.

Sadly there are some unspoken truths that most pot tour owners don’t want you to realize.

1. There is no “behind the scenes”: Very few tour operators can get you access to places the public isn’t already allowed. Most of the time, they just take you places you could easily go on your own in a taxi or rented limo.

2. They overcharge: With all the hype surrounding pot in Denver some operators are charging upwards of $200 dollars. At that sticker price you get little more than a ride to three marijuana shops, they don’t even provide lunch!

3. The “Grow Tour” is a joke: If you’re hoping to get up close and personal with a commercial grow operation you’re going to be disappointed. The closest you’re going to get is the viewing room at 3D Dispensary. The 3D room is fun, but you might as well be looking at them online they’re so far away.. Here is what that looks like:


3d Grow room

There is however, an alternative. At So Mile High Tours we are passionate about getting you access to places other tours don’t care to take you. We want you to see things you could only see if you owned a grow operation yourself. We also buy you a ridiculously tasty lunch at Sugar-BakeShop, it usually hits the spot after smoking all afternoon. Here is what our grow tour looks like by comparison:

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This last picture features the master grower who will walk you through all things cultivation. Imaging getting the chance to learn from an expert how your marijuana is grown!

photo 2 (26)

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  1. Hi. I’m looking for someone to teach me some basics about pot, I have had some but very limited experience with it. Just looking for a good experience with it, need someone to supply it to me, make recommendations about different kinds, somewhere to smoke it and some good company to do it with if possible. I’m not really interested in learning how to grow it.

    Do u have any suggestions about how I could achieve this?


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