Denver Pot Shop Tour in Pictures

Denver Pot Shop Tour in Pictures

photo 2 (24)

 Touching marijuana this sticky is something everyone should experience.

photo 1 (23)

 Your lead marijuana tour guide Jessica spends her days as the compliance officer for one of our shops. She does the tours in order to share her knowledge and love of this wonderful plant.

looking at Glass Seeing glasswork like this is truly inspiring. Denver pot tours can be more than just hot boxing a bus for hours.

Denver Marijuana

Another one of our guides pulling up a hand full of fresh bud to show guests.

photo 5 (8)

You’ll get insider knowledge of what it takes to produce buds like this.

photo 4 (22)

Having a master grower share his knowledge is something you will only experience in Colorado!

Denver Grow room

Do you know what to call this stage of the life cycle? You will!

Smiling New Broadsterdam

Friendly service and smiles are par for the course on our tours.

Baby Marijuana Plants

These little babies are going to grow up big and strong!

Marijuana in a Jar

Here is the end result, AND the reason you’re coming to visit us in  Colorado

Marijuana Grow Master

Shhh.. they’re sleeping.

So Mile High

Jessica can’t wait to meet you!

Marijuana Tours

How can you wait any longer to taste the “fruits” of Denver’s labor.

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